We took on FITcademy’s 12-week transformation challenge. Here’s what happened.

Could four office-bound members of the Gentleman’s Journal team reach peak fitness in just three months?

Between juice cleansing, paleo diets and influencers who (while mimicking the likeness of Greek gods) advertise all sorts of supplements; it’s fair to say the worlds of fitness and wellness can seem rather intimidating at times.

It’s difficult to navigate training programmes, nutrition packages and exercise regimes, all while being bombarded with headlines that offer supposed quick-fixes and shortcuts. A baffling introduction for any beginner to the world of fitness.

So, if you’re in need of a little guidance, let us nudge you in the right direction. You may have seen us mention FITcademy before — we think the platform founded by Tom ‘Clem’ Cleminson and partner Paddy Colman is perfect for those searching for a stress-free way to manage their fitness and see results.

fitcademy fitness

Their goal is simple — make fitness accessible. The FITcademy programme offers personalised, high-level training and tailored nutritional packages to meet the requirements of each member’s experience, goals and schedule.

The best part is that you can get access to everything on their online platform for just £35 a month, or follow the same program as the GJ team for £99. Gentleman’s Journal Clubhouse members can enjoy a 15% discount on both packages, so visit FITcademy online and get your membership today.

So, with all the FITcademy buzz around the office, four GJ staff members decided to take on the challenge of making summer 2019 their healthiest and fittest yet. Putting the platform to the test were Joe, Jordan, Robbie and Chris, each hoping for the ultimate 12-week body transformation. The results speak for themselves.


The initial step in the process was to identify each participant’s goals. And while the overall aim at the end of the 12-weeks was to become undeniably jacked, Instagrammable studs, Clem and Paddy helped the team examine the type of physique they wanted to achieve and how they could work their way towards it.

Robbie, 25, who was already an avid gym go-er, had sights of stimulating muscle hypertrophy in his shoulders and chest, reducing body fat and improving overall mobility.

Chris, 31, wanted to see significant improvements in his upper-body mass and sculpt a V-shape torso, creating a more powerful physique overall.

Jordan, 29, aimed to join the top-tier of celebrity hunks, dreaming of a body like Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in Fight Club.

Joe, 27, wanted all the characteristics distinct to a swimmer’s body. And, to be twinning with Mark Foster at the end of the three month programme, this meant increasing upper body-mass in his shoulders, arms and back.

The Results


Goal: Create a program that improves body aesthetic and increases hypertrophy in the shoulders and chest while reducing body fat.

Starting body fat – 18.41%
Finish body fat – 10.49%

Starting Lean Mass – 56.66kg
Finishing Lean Mass – 58.63kg

Robbie says: “The most important thing that FITcademy can offer? Time. FITcademy gives you the tools to go and change the way you want to look and feel.”


Goal: Increase upper-body mass and aesthetic to attain a traditional, lean V-shaped physique.

Starting body fat – 16.92%
Finish body fat – 10.61%

Starting Lean Mass – 70.37kg
Finishing Lean Mass – 74.19kg

Chris says: “Having responsibility for your own training is hard at first but with the full support of their team – and a little graft – it’s extremely liberating and something I genuinely think I’ll be able to keep on doing for the foreseeable future.”


Goal: Facilitate an increase in functional performance, mass and aesthetic to replicate the physique Brad Pitt debuted in Fight Club.

Starting body fat – 15.95%
Finish body fat – 9.83%

Starting Lean Mass – 57.83kg
Finishing Lean Mass – 61.31kg

Jordan says: “My biggest takeaway from this experience is the knowledge I’ve gained, giving me the confidence to work out autonomously. This is a programme that anybody can do and with hard work will 100% see results.”


Goal: Increase lean upper body mass and aesthetic with view to attaining a traditional swimmer’s style physique.

Starting body fat – 14.55%
Finishing body fat – 9.46%

Starting Lean Mass – 57.68kg
Finishing Lean Mass – 61.75kg

Joe says: “With the FITcademy programme, it makes everything simple and more importantly gives you that instant connection with your PT to push you and your body where ‘you’ want it to go. If your someone that needs that motivation to push further than you thought you could go, FITcademy is the one for you.”

FITcademy strategy

“Believe me, training our way into shape with FITcademy was no easy task,” the team explained. “With high-level personal training regimes and professional nutrition programmes, the guidelines were clear to us. But, it goes without saying that hard graft and mental resilience were required to see our success at the end of the 12 weeks.”

The Gentleman’s Journal team’s exercise programmes consisted of five sessions per week. This included a mixture of weight-training exercises and muscle group specialisation cycles throughout the week, swapping periodically between upper and lower body.

Many of us don’t have the benefit of choosing our own work hours, and along with the daily commute, squeezing-in gym sessions can seem like an almost impossible task. But, one of the fantastic things about FITcademy’s programmes is how well they exist alongside any fast-paced lifestyle.

A FITcademy programme is specifically curated to fit every member’s schedule. Setting the foundations for you to maintain a fit lifestyle and get you on the right track in effectively pursuing your fitness goals.

Members of FITcademy also benefit from the assistance of a growing library of videos and online content to coach you through often misunderstood exercises and other various elements of fitness training.

The Diet

FITcademy memberships offer three diet options — each with their own benefits to help members achieve their desired results. Members can also browse through FITcademy’s online recipe books filled with easy, nutritious and tasty meals. No hassle required.

Fuelling the GJ team throughout the challenge was The Key to Food, one of London’s top up-and-coming health-conscious meal delivery companies. “Lucky for us, the service took over the trouble of prioritising healthy foods in our diets throughout our challenge. This took a huge weight off our shoulders and saved us a great deal of time with meal-prepping,” says Robbie.

“The Key to Food really guided our shift into healthy-living by keeping our cravings at bay with a variety of nutritious food. Keeping us fully satisfied and energised throughout our workdays and work-outs without having to reach-out for the chocolate digestives to tide us over. If you’re looking for a convenient way to manage your diet, we highly recommend their plans.”

Clubhouse members also get 15% off the first month of subscription, so sign up and get your meals prepped and delivered to your desk!

The Gear

To inspire some motivation and encourage the team along with their transformations, FITcademy teamed up with Lululemon and Nike to get them looking the part with a functional and comfortable new gym wardrobe.

Master & Dynamic also let the team try out its MW07 true wireless earphones. And, after using them for past three-months, the team think they should be on everyone’s tech radar. Wireless earphones with a lengthy battery life can be hard to come by. When fully-charged, the MW07s easily lasted through the day and into the gym. “We marvelled at the sound quality, and this became absolutely necessary when playing Eye of the Tiger (volume at its highest) to get us through those final sets on the dreaded leg day” the team added.

The team also picked-up the Apple Watch Series 4 to help keep track of their progress. This highly functional piece of wearable-tech was a fantastic tool to keep the team on top of their health and fitness. The power-efficient device can map and track early-morning runs and cycles creating a seriously simple and effective way of managing fitness.

Scheduling work-outs was also made easy with the Apple watch, kicking the team into the gym on the days they were feeling a little sluggish. And, aside from its fitness features, Joe says he was impressed by the wealth of apps and digital utilities he used to increase his level of productivity throughout the day, from checking texts and picking up calls using Apple Watch cellular to using Apple pay to streamline the morning coffee purchase with a simple flash of the wrist.

Plant-based nutrition products provided by Form, which are vegan, gluten-free, GMO and soy-free, were also an essential part of the challenge. Protein powders are a quick and painless way to get adequate amounts of protein in your diet for muscle development and maintenance. The team used Form’s Performance Protein and agree with the many reviews that say it’s the best vegan protein powder on the market today. The team also highly recommend using Form’s Edge and Boost cognitive supplements after workouts to help stay focused and energised throughout the day.

fitcademy fitness

It’s true. Hard work and dedication really does pay off. But of course, this transformation would not have been possible without FITcademy’s programmes. “It really does work,” says the team. “In just 12 short weeks we managed to transform not only our bodies but also make significant changes to our lifestyles too.”

Choose your FITcademy programme and get 15% off when joining the Clubhouse.


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