The 2018 Overfinch has shifted car customisation up a gear

From ostrich-leather seats to a Bluetooth-controlled exhaust system, we take a look at the latest reinterpretation of Land Rover’s flagship model

Over the years, Overfinch have really pushed car customisation up a gear. Dating back to 1975, the brand is dedicated solely to the Land Rover marque, and originated Range Rover enhancements.

And what enhancements. From partnering with gunmakers Holland & Holland in 2010 to create a bespoke, leather-lined SUV for shoots — complete with on-board lock-down gun cabinet, to their 2016 London Edition, with its pearl and walnut veneers of the capital’s skyline, Overfinch is constantly innovating, and setting the bar higher and higher.

The 2018 Overfinch has shifted car customisation up a gear

With the latest model, the breathtaking 2018 Overfinch, the Leeds-based brand have exceeded themselves, and taken the iconic Range Rover to a whole new level of exclusivity and individuality — with prices starting at £114,990 to reflect the luxury.

"With the 2018 Overfinch, the Leeds-based brand have exceeded themselves..."

As you can see, it’s yet another stylish, dynamic re-interpretation of Land Rover’s flagship model. The exterior features a deep Overfinch front air dam with dramatic lower air intakes and Overfinch’s signature LED running lights. And, as subtly-flared lines accentuate the visual impression of width without bulk, exposed carbon fibre, in perfectly-aligned herringbone weave, features on the intake grilles and spoiler.

We can see a similar approach at the back, where the Overfinch rear bumper and air dam add touches of drama and aggression — but without losing the purity of the original design. A particular favourite of ours is the Overfinch exhaust tips, part of an exhaust system which enhances sound and performance.

The 2018 Overfinch has shifted car customisation up a gear

That’s not the only part of the exhaust system we’re making noise about, either. There are valves added that allow the driver to modify the signature engine note through Bluetooth. Now that’s bespoke.

Part of Overfinch’s enduring appeal is their mastery of materials. This latest edition, surprisingly, is no different. The use of carbon fibre not only reduces weight, but also allows customers to add unique design flourishes. The alloys used for the wheels are also lightweight, and come in the latest design, named ‘Centaur’.

The final luxurious touch some inside. For this 2018 model, Overfinch have developed new ‘Lumière’ seats. The perforated leather centre panels are framed by hexagonal motif stitching.

These seats are trimmed in leather from the Scottish Bridge of Weir tannery – unless you’d like to select an even more exclusive material. If so, the Overfinch team can craft bespoke upholstery in a choice of responsibly-sourced exotic hides, including ostrich and shagreen.

The 2018 Overfinch has shifted car customisation up a gear

Of course, there are more bespoke options available than we could ever list here, including fibre side sills, tailgate badging and a near infinite palette of colours and trim options ensure that every Overfinch is a limited edition of one.

Such bespoke luxury may seem a far cry from the Paris–Dakar rally-winning Overfinch of the early 1980s. But clearly, Overfinch still goes to the ends of the earth to stay ahead.

The 2018 Overfinch has shifted car customisation up a gear

The 2018 Overfinch

From £114,990

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