From athletes to entrepreneurs, we asked 3 men which supplements they can’t live without

From Jake Hall, founder of Prévu Studio, to Ben Gardner, the man behind Trash Mile Cycle Club, three men reveal the Lumity supplements that supercharge their lives…

When it comes to ‘wellness’, most modern men remain firmly in the dark. But we’re missing out. Because, whether you’re having trouble sleeping, feeling stressed or you’ve been suffering from exercise-related injuries, there are plenty of ways to boost your wellness. Lumity, the British brand founded in 2016 by Cambridge PHD biologist Dr Sara Palmer Hussey, is providing the solutions for all modern men.

The cornerstone of Lumity’s nourishing, nutrient-rich collection are the clinically-proven softgel capsules you see here; the ‘Morning & Night supplement’.

Especially designed for men, the unique, one-stop supplement consists of a ‘Morning’ and a ‘Night’ formula— designed to optimally support your body at a cellular level, delivering the nutrients you need at different points throughout the day and night. Using only the highest quality natural ingredients and cutting edge scientific research, Lumity’s supplement range is among the most advanced on the market, making it easy to prioritise your health and wellness.

But don’t take our word for it. Gentleman’s Journal asked three of Lumity’s most loyal customers to attest to these wellbeing benefits. From Jake Hall, founder of Prévu Studio, to Ben Gardner, the man behind Trash Mile Cycle Club, we asked these entrepreneurs and supplement  converts which Lumity best-seller  they’ve introduced into their daily lives — and what changes they’ve seen…

Jake Hall, founder of Prévu Studio

Hall started-up his fashion passion project, Prévu Studio, in 2015 — just a year before Lumity itself launched. And the London-based entrepreneur has been relying on the brand’s ‘Morning & Night supplement’ to balance and boost his day-to-day life, delivering key vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support his health and wellness around the clock.

“I’m always on the go,” Hall tells us, “which can be very physically and mentally draining. I haven’t always looked after myself but I now try to prioritise my health and wellbeing. And having a good sleep routine is a crucial part of that. I can really feel the difference in energy levels when I’ve had a bad night compared to when I’m well rested”.

“I can really feel the difference in energy levels…”

Perfect for creative thinkers, the ‘Morning & Night supplement’ from Lumity are the ideal choice for Hall. Clinically proven to deliver tangible results, the two-part supplement system (take four in the morning, and four at night) supports mental performance and increased energy levels whilst contributing to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue, meaning it’s possible to enjoy an energised, productive and fully-focused day.

“I get a deep sleep every night, and wake up ready to face the day,” Hall continues. “And I have noticed such a positive difference to my mood and concentration levels; something which I have struggled with in the past. The added boost in energy during the day makes them the perfect support for my busy lifestyle.”

In a clinical trial, ‘Morning & Night supplement’ users reported the following:

  • 88% of participants reported that they felt more alert
  • 84% of participants reported that they had more energy, better sleep and fewer instances of waking up throughout the night
  • 84% reported increased immunity with fewer colds during the 12 week trial
Lumity Morning & Night Supplement

Lumity Morning & Night Supplement


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Matt Johnson, television presenter

Welshman Matt Johnson — known for presenting various morning television shows and hosting documentaries tackling the difficult subject of mental health — has been a firm proponent of wellbeing for many years. A proud ambassador of mental health charity Mind, Johnson believes that sleep is the key to serenity. That’s why, of all the Lumity offerings, the ‘Restful Nights Booster’ is the broadcaster’s favourite.

“For me,” says Johnson, “getting a good quality night’s sleep is the key to maintaining my energy levels, and is one of many important aspects in maintaining good mental health. And, as founder of ‘The Checkin’, I’m a massive advocate for taking steps to support mental health and wellbeing”.

“A good sleep is the key to maintaining my energy levels…”

‘The Checkin’ is a twice-a-week Instagram Live show fronted by Johnson, with guests from both the small and big screen. It’s an easily accessible, conversational approach to wellbeing, creating a virtual sense of togetherness — and yet another of Johnson’s countless crusades for mental health. But, thanks to the ‘Restful Nights Booster’, he’s ensuring that he not only helps others — but also focuses on his own mental clarity.

“Both Lumity’s ‘Morning & Night supplement’ and the ‘Restful Nights Booster’ support better sleep and increased energy levels, which allow me to keep a clear mind, reduce my stress levels and really feel good in myself overall — something that’s especially important in my career.”

In a clinical trial, ‘Restful Nights Booster’ users reported the following:

  • 83% of participants reported that they fell asleep more easily
  • 78% of participants reported that they enjoyed a deeper sleep 
  • 76% reported that they felt more refreshed when they woke up
Lumity ‘Restful Nights Booster’

Lumity ‘Restful Nights Booster’


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Ben Gardner, founder of Trash Mile Cycling

A third tried-and-tested tenet in the world of wellness — after Jake Hall’s focus-boost and Matthew Johnson’s sound sleep — is exercise. And no-one knows the wonders a workout can do like Ben Gardner, the co-founder of London-based race team and cycle club, Trash Mile Cycling

But, while Gardner’s active lifestyle may focus chiefly on strength and endurance, the athlete also knows the importance of measuring recovery — and this has led him to Lumity’s ‘Fitness Recovery Booster’. “Recovering from a serious cycling accident in 2020,” says Gardner, “the Lumity ‘Morning & Night supplement’ and the ‘Fitness Recovery Booster’ have given me the energy to push harder whilst training and recover more effectively whilst I sleep”.

“The booster has given me the energy to push harder…”

“I track my sleep, recovery, and daily effort using a Whoop band,” he adds, “and I can see a huge difference on the days I don’t take the supplements. My physio definitely approves too — I wouldn’t be without them!”

Supporting structural strength, muscle function and cellular regeneration,— the newest addition to Lumity’s booster range contains an innovative blend of flaxseed oil,  turmeric, magnesium, manganese and calcium, along with glucosamine, zinc and Vitamins C and D. Taking  two softgels straight after exercise or before sleep work to deliver the key nutrients needed post exercise, supporting optimum structural strength and regeneration.

After analysing Gardner’s WHOOP data, ‘Fitness Recovery Booster’ has contributed to the following:

  • A median sleep score of 72%, equating to positive sleep performance
  • A 90%Weekly Recovery‘ score after frequent use of the booster
  • A 6% higher-than-average score for emotional/mental state
Lumity Fitness Recovery Booster

Lumity Fitness Recovery Booster


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