Could this be the ultimate supplement for modern men?

Lumity’s Morning & Night is a ground-breaking supplement that is specifically formulated to help men achieve their wellness goals.

It’s virtually impossible for us to get all our nutritional needs from our diets these days. Even if you’re enjoying kale shakes and quinoa salads every day, you’re probably falling short somewhere.

And, of course, timing is everything. Everybody knows that, after hitting the gym, you need protein to rebuild muscle — but you also need the right vitamins and minerals during the night to help your body repair itself while resting, and first thing in the morning to set you up for the day ahead.

Thankfully, Lumity Morning & Night is a ground-breaking supplement specifically formulated to help support your wellbeing. Developed by a Cambridge University PhD scientist, Lumity’s Morning & Night supplement contributes towards increased energy levels and supports immunity and brain health. It also supports your bones and muscles, with clinical-trial results demonstrating that it can enhance your skin, hair and metabolism.

The brand has also developed something of a cult following; In independent clinical trials, 92% of those taking the Morning & Night supplement noticed a significant improvement in the condition of their hair, skin and nails, 88% felt more alert, 84% noticed increased energy and 76% noticed a significant improvement in skin hydration.

And the best thing about Lumity is that it works to support everyone, no matter who you are or what you do. Whether you’re a workaholic, completing 6am-10pm shifts in the City every day, or a gentleman of leisure who spends his summers in St Tropez and winters in St Moritz, Lumity will support your wellness needs and allow you to focus on the things you love most.

Here’s how Lumity Morning & Night can help three distinct, different types of modern men achieve their goals…

'The Active Gentleman' looking for strength, endurance and recovery

If you’re the sort of chap who goes for an early morning run or a pre-work workout, cycles to the office, swims at lunchtime and then goes to the gym again in the evening, then you likely fall into this category. You might have abs like Henry Cavill’s and bench-press 300lbs, but all that hard work can lead to fatigue. Chlorine dries the skin and hair and physical exhaustion can lead to a low immune system. Lumity Morning & Night provides you with an optimum dosage of vitamins, minerals and key nutrients designed to support your active lifestyle and ensure that each morning you’re in peak condition to work towards your fitness targets.

If you’re a keen gym junky, Lumity will support your body by boosting your Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D levels. These will contribute to the maintenance of strong bones and teeth (healthy calcium levels as well as calcium and phosphorus absorption support strong bones) and the maintenance of strong muscle function and electrolyte balance. Lumity Morning & Night also contains Vitamin C, which supports healthy collagen formation for strong bones, cartilage, blood vessels, gums and teeth. The night capsules harness the regenerative properties of sleep. This time is vital to repair the damage we accumulate during the day from environmental toxins and stress.

Painstakingly formulated to deliver peak performance using the highest-quality ingredients nature has to offer, Lumity’s Morning & Night supplements work day and night to nourish you and reduce signs of ageing, giving you the vitality and independence to focus on the active lifestyle that you love. One Lumity user who falls into this category says it makes all the difference: “Continuing to take Lumity and energy levels are super! Am hitting the gym 4 days a week now. I haven’t felt this fit in years!”

'The Time-Poor Gentleman' looking for immune support, improved sleep and brain health

Perhaps you’re a slave to work. Perhaps you enjoy it and like working early mornings and late nights. Whether you love or loathe the office life, if you find yourself at your computer for most of the day, incorporating Lumity Morning & Night into your daily routine will ensure your immune system is supported with Vitamins A, C and D, as well as Zinc and Selenium.

Lumity works hard during the day to enhance the body’s daytime mode, supporting a healthy, energy-yielding metabolism, whilst Zinc and Iodine contribute to good cognitive function. At night, sleeping well is important if you want to be alert and performing to your best ability during the day. Working throughout the day and night, Lumity’s supplement contains Vitamin C and Magnesium which contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue. As James, a Lumity user, attested: Lumity is a “great product and makes me sleep better. I have so much more energy to take on the day!”

'The Wellness Gentleman' looking for optimum health and welllbeing via key nutrients

To function in a healthy way, our bodies need certain nutrients. A well balanced diet can deliver a lot of what our bodies’ need but it isn’t always possible to maintain a balanced diet (we’re all human after all!) and what’s more, with a global decline in soil quality, the fruit and vegetables we ingest are not as nutritious as they once were. The Morning & Night supplements are formulated with key nutrients that work together to support optimum health.

When we are nutrient-deficient, our bodies can regenerate defective cells leading to chronic problems and reduced wellbeing. Lumity’s high quality Morning & Night supplements deliver quality nutrients that target the source of cellular damage and ageing and supports cellular renewal from the inside out.

So whatever category you fall into, whether you’re always short of time or always at the gym, Lumity’s Morning & Night supplement will provide you with the vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients needed to support your body and mind physically and cognitively, to ensure you’re functioning properly and can be the best version of you.

To help support your wellness needs and ensure you start the year on the right foot, Lumity is offering 20% off your first twelve weeks when you subscribe to Morning & Night in the first week of February. Ts&Cs apply.

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