Step aboard the superyacht Tom Cruise has chartered for summer

The Hollywood A-lister is back in Britain to film his latest project. Take a look inside the opulent vessel he's staying aboard this summer...

First things first; let’s get the puns out of the way. Yes, Tom Cruise is back in Britain, filming the seventh instalment in the action-packed Mission:Impossible film franchise. Yes, he has decided to decamp to Cornwall and is spending his summer aboard a superyacht charter. And yes, that does mean that Cruise is on a cruise, that a crew’s cruising Cruise, etc. etc. etc.

But there’s more to the Hollywood A-lister’s summer holiday than cheap puns. Chiefly because Triple Seven — the sleek, stylish superyacht Cruise has chartered off the coast of Cornwall — sold in 2018 for a very un-cheap €45 million. So step on board below; and see what amenities the actor is enjoying this summer…

First up, where will Cruise be cruising his superyacht? For now, it’ll remain by Penzance, as he rejoins co-stars including Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames for his day job. But this is a boat who is just as happy motoring around the Med as she is exploring the deeper waters of the Pacific. Sure, she can handle remote waters; but she’ll be right at home in the French Riviera, too.

Custom built in 2006 by German shipyard Nobiskrug, she clocks in at 68 metres long. Her interiors are the last luxurious word in suave, elegant minimalism — less really is more, gents — and come courtesy of Newcruise Design.

And these interiors give way, in a seamless, natural manner, to the generous outdoor spaces. She’s in peak condition, too, having undergone a complete refit in 2014 — including a full repaint back in 2016.

And now to the good stuff: because Triple Seven really puts the ‘super’ into ‘superyacht’. Cruise’s latest charter is fully equipped for the current heatwave, with a beach club, a gym, a lounge and a fully-stocked bar — plus a teak-laid platform that’ll allow the stunt-happy actor to dive directly into the sea.

It doesn’t end there. There’s also a sun deck jacuzzi; and spa facilities including a steam room and bathing platform. And Cruise better be a watersport enthusiast — because Triple Seven comes with an inflatable kayak and eight paddle boards, as well as an inflatable slide, climbing wall, wakeboard, and both waterskis and kneeboards.

In addition to those water toys, there’s also wind-surfing equipment on board, four mountain bikes and fishing gear. There’s even six sets of diving equipment if Cruise wants to recreate his thrilling subaquatic scenes from previous Mission:Impossible films.

The vessel continues to defy expectations on-board. There’s a cinema in the luxury sky-lounge, and a beach barbecue set-up complete with an inflatable tent, sofas, teak table and director chairs. So, if Cruise wants to throw on a throw-back film whilst barbecuing on-board, he can flick on Top Gun while flipping burgers.

There are six cabins altogether, with room to sleep 12. This is a party yacht, that’s for sure (but Cruise should follow our day drinking guide if he’s planning to party away with co-stars under the Cornish sun…).

Thankfully, his master suite includes a separate office, bathroom and lots of sleepy hidden spaces perfect for recovering in the morning after the night before. There’s a hidden security closet, too; and ‘his and hers’ dressing areas separated by a Portuguese marble bath fit for an Oscar-nominee.

So, whether you too want to live like an A-list actor, or you’re just a superyacht aficionado, why not enquire about following in Cruise’s cruising footsteps and chartering Triple Seven for yourself? Find out more below…

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