The stuff of dreams: this may be the greatest mattress you’ll ever sleep on

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Given the unforgiving entropy of the world these days – the ruthless cycle of social media; the never-ending work deadlines; a somewhat oppressive move towards making everything faster, smarter, constantly available – it truly pays dividends to slow everything down, tune out, let the noise rush past you, and reset. One fairly straightforward – and pretty integral – way to allow for some respite in your life is by getting a good sleep every night, a routine that counters stress and lifts the mood. ‘The right bed enables a good life and will last a lifetime,’ says Savoir, the creator of premium beds and mattresses. ‘A well-made bed is not cheap, but good sleep is priceless. We believe it’s worth investing in a sleep sanctuary that’s handcrafted’.

Ever since the early 20th century, when hotelier Richard D’Oyly Carte required a model of bed (what would eventually be the Savoir N°2) to meet the standards of The Savoy, in London, Savoir has been consistently producing creations that will last the years, drawing upon natural materials, master artisans who use traditional techniques, and a bespoke approach (there are Savoir beds for superyachts, headboards that take their cues from architecture, and designs with custom-made prints). Moreover, fewer than 1,000 beds are made by the label every year, such is its dedication to the handcrafted – ‘because quality sleep needs the best beds, not the most.’

Of late, the venture has released a new mattress, The Savvy Nº5, it’s most affordable option to date, and one billed as the ‘ultimate foundation for self-care’. Handmade in Wales, with more than 40 hours of labour going into each one, a cloud-like support comes courtesy of the Nº5’s use of gentle, natural materials – wool that’s soft, regulates temperature and wicks away moisture; and plush, breathable cotton – and 7.5-turn springs that are enveloped in natural Calico. When dovetailed, all features smooth out the rough edges of whoever is lying on top.

With a depth of 24cm, it also features side-stitching and tufting to not only make sure that the springs remain secure, but to also prevent fillings from moving around too much. Meanwhile, flag-stitched handles facilitate easy turning and brass vents allow the interior to be aerated.

Moreover, as each mattress is made to order, there is, of course, the option to customise. Notably, the Nº5 can come as a one-piece, or as a zipped pair, and tensions can be mixed depending on preference. One can also complement the product by encasing it in one of Savoir’s new designs – Cassie, which features a gently curved headboard; and Hudson, which showcases a fluted one – both of which are defined by their rich, warm hues and textured velvet.

Better still, all Savoir beds are environmentally friendly, too – the Nº5 not only draws upon those 100 per cent natural materials (latex, plastics and memory foams are completely circumvented), but it also arrives with a 20-year guarantee, meaning you won’t have to constantly replace the piece. The safe knowledge that your carbon footprint is fairly minimised in this area is yet just another feature that Savoir incorporates to make you sleep a little easier at night.

The Savvy Nº5

The Savvy Nº5

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