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Men of style: Talking books, music and getting suited and booted with Sam Way

We dress down the British model and musician during a Clements and Church suit fitting

British model Saw Way is represented by Models1 and – along with joining Gentleman’s Journal on our recent Grand Tour to Cannes – has appeared in magazines including GQ China, Men’s Health Spain and Essential Homme. He has also starred in campaigns for brands such as Orlebar Brown and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Alongside his modelling career, Sam is a singer/songwriter with two albums under his belt: Architect and Archetype. He has also collaborated with industry heavyweights including composer Edward Abela, the London Contemporary Voices Choir and creative director William Baker. We sat down with him during a Clements and Church custom suit fitting to talk all thing culture and style…

When travelling, what do you always pack?
A good book. I’m currently reading Don Quixote, which is, in all earnest, totally entertaining and not at all what I expected.

Two- or three-piece?
Two-piece for me. I like to dress my formalwear down.

Double- or single-breasted?

sam way

Oxfords or Monkstaps?
Depends on the look!

Best car you’ve ever driven?
Hands down the new Bentley Continental. Going back to the number eight bus in London after a weekend away driving that felt like it had all been some strange and fantastic dream.

What would you call your yacht?
My yacht – easy now! I’m less yacht more beautiful old fishing boat or canal barge decked out as an incredible music studio. She’d be called Izumi – that’s my favourite name at the moment.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
I met one of my idols randomly in a corner shop in New York once – somehow it demystified them. As far as someone who inspires me right now, I feel inclined to say my sister. She’s worked so hard to make it in a really challenging industry but she’s smashing it.

What is your favourite film?
Hard one! Gladiator is up there. Lion was a real favourite of mine too recently.

Last track you played on Spotify?
I was in charge of tunes in the studio today and we were all struggling before lunch arrived to keep the energy high. There was nothing left for it but a shameless sing-along, so I found a ’90s smash hits’ playlist and hit shuffle. Within minutes we were all joining in with the chorus of ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’. Classic.

What is the last book you read?
It was a deeply insightful and charming little book called How to be Human. A conversation between Ruby Wax, a neuroscientist and a monk. Worth it.

Surfing or skiing?
Always surfing.

Favourite city?
London wins.

What do you order at a bar?
Lager or pale ales if I’m going steady. Old Fashioneds and espresso martinis if ‘going steady’ feels like an alien concept.

sam way

What food could you not give up?
Chocolate oat milk. My flatmate and I have a problem.

Favourite wine?
I always get a little bit lost when looking for wine, but my friend had a tasting at her house recently hosted by Pieroth – a company that only sell direct. Safe to say after drinking 12 or more (I lost count) sublime wines, I was quite tipsy and bought a dozen bottles. Normally my decision making while drinking is average at best but not this time. Now I have a case of some of the nicest wine I’ve ever drunk ready and waiting for my next dinner party.

Where would you retire?
Retire?! I’m 31 and can’t imagine where I’m going to be in two years time. I’ll come back to you.

What quote to you live by?
“Go now forth and try to live your life with pride.”

What does true style mean to you?
Style is an extension and expression of one’s authentic self that isn’t limited purely to the aesthetic form. It’s how you think, why you think like that, what you do and how you choose to spend your time.

sam way

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