My perfect weekend: Luca Faloni

We asked the Italian designer and entrepreneur to take us through the perfect London weekend...

Friday has arrived (not a moment too soon) and the prospect of two shiny days away from the office stretch out before you like a dream. Whilst most of us might feel content at the prospect of a Saturday night pub trip and a Sunday in bed surrounded by the weekend supplements — for a select few individuals in the luxury sector, plans can look a little more inspiring.

This week, we asked the Italian designer, and founder of his eponymous menswear brand, Luca Faloni, to give us a play-by-play account of what a perfect weekend in our glittering capital looks like for him.

Head West on a Friday evening…

“Friday is usually my most relaxing night,” says Luca, “I tend to do something easy with friends in my neighbourhood, Notting Hill.”

“Sometimes the evening will take the form of a spontaneous dinner at one of my friends’ houses — if not, I’ll head for a few drinks or a meal at the Electric House.”

Rise and shine on a Saturday morning

Luca’s Saturday morning starts bright and early, and usually involves some form of exercise. “I like to wake up early and do some work out. If the weather is nice I like running in Holland Park, otherwise I go swimming at White City.”

Next up, to counteract any calories that might have been burnt off during his morning’s exercise, Luca heads out for brunch. True to form, his preferred spots can be found in his beloved Notting Hill.

“I love doing brunches with friends — and my favourite spots are Granger & Co. and 202 London” says Luca.

Should you make the trip to Granger & Co. this weekend, allow us to recommend the incomparable ‘Fresh Aussie’ breakfast, a happy medley of jasmine tea, hot smoked salmon, poached eggs, greens, furikake, avocado and cherry tomatoes.

Once brunch is over, it’s time to head out and enjoy some of the capital’s cultural hotspots.

Time for a hearty dose of culture

It should come as no surprise given his proficiency as a designer that Luca enjoys to spend a Saturday afternoon taking in the latest exhibitions at his favourite art galleries. Top of his list of recommended haunts is the Serpentine Gallery 

Following a Saturday afternoon stroll taking in the latest installations and exhibitions, it’s time for a dose of gastronomic decadence.

Head out for dinner at a cosy neighbourhood restaurant

On any given Saturday evening, you’re most likely to find Luca enjoying a bite to eat at the trendiest restaurant in his neighbourhood — one frequented by everyone from Prince Harry, to the Beckhams.

I like to take my Saturday evening meal at Casa Cruz, and then see where the night leads. More often than not, I’ll end up carrying on the evening at friends’ places.”

Easy like Sunday morning

I like to start a Sunday with a long, leisurely breakfast whilst reading the day’s news or getting stuck into a good novel,” says Luca. His go-to place? Egg Break, the all-day kitchen in (you guessed it) Notting Hill. 

After a leisurely breakfast, the day might take Luca to the Local Gate PictureHouse, where he likes to watch independent films. This is all before taking dinner at another one of his favourite restaurants.

“I like to close the weekend with a small meal at local Italian places like Farina, or Olivomare, for their signature Spaghetti alla Bottarga,” he says. 

As the weekend draws to a close, Luca takes some time to do some preparation for the working week, “before going to bed, I’ll do a couple of hours of work so the week ahead is organised.”

There’s no rest for the wicked.

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