My perfect weekend: George Bamford

We checked in with the watch and grooming entrepreneur for his tips to ending your week in style in and around London

We’ve made it. Let’s call the week that was there and get the weekend started already. Two precious days are ripe for the taking, stretching out ahead of us with their endless possibilities and promise.

But, if you’re stuck for ideas this weekend — and likely to waste your time thumb-twiddling until Monday comes around — then we’ve got some inspiration for you. Winding up for his own weekend, we asked doyen of customised watches and grooming products, George Bamford, to reveal what his perfect weekend looks like.

So, if you’re living in London — or even further afield, take a leaf or two out of the father, husband and businessman’s book with this idyllic weekend plan that’ll take you out of the city.

Start Friday night on the right foot

“Once the office is shut,” begins the businessman, “and I’ve dropped my backpack at home, I always go for a good run around Hyde Park.

“I love how you always see some great runners, as well as some of the most amazing sculptures and statues. It’s the perfect start to my weekend — and the shower afterwards sets me up nicely for the evening ahead.

“Of course, I’ve got to mention my own Bamford Grooming Department products, which were designed for those moments when you are prepping to have fun on a Friday night.”

Time to take the town by storm

“Being in London,” Bamford continues, “it’s one of the culinary capitals of the world — and there is so much choice. So many amazing places to go out. But I would probably have to say that popping into Roka and ordering their Iceberg Salad, among other amazing dishes, starts my Friday night off perfectly.

“I would then go to Annabel’s, because it always feels like stepping into a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. I love their tequila bar on the top floor. It’s crazy and it’s cool — and so the most likely place to find me. I also often frequent the cigar room, as I like the vibe. It feels like an oasis in a crazy place.”

Saturday mornings are family time

“In the morning, of course, the children are jumping into bed with us and watching cartoons,” reveals the businessman. “And that’s my ultimate ‘Wow, so nice’ moment of the weekend. Once up, we all bundle into the car and drive out to the country, usually for a Saturday lunch at Daylesford Farm Shop.

“Whilst there, we grab some of the best organic meat they have on offer ready for our Sunday roast — and always remember to get some bones for the dogs after a great walk, too.

“After that, we head to the Wild Rabbit for just some of the best goujons I have ever had — and sit by the fire in the bar area.”

Saturday nights are movie nights

“That evening,” says Bamford, “my wife and I always say — as I think everyone does — ‘How about some Netflix?’

“So we’ll settle in to watch a great movie or series to end our Saturdays, usually with a great bottle of something and some amazing friends.”

Sunday is run day

“I love a Sunday morning run,” says the 38-year-old, “come rain or shine. It’s a chance to have 45 minutes to an hour to myself before meeting with more family and friends to enjoy that organic meat we bought the day before from Daylesford Farm Shop.

“Putting the roast potatoes on and, of course, making Yorkshire puddings, for me, is such an amazing family experience.

“What follows, however,” Bamford adds, “is not. We have to contend with the mad dash back to London and gamble what is the best time to drive up. Not my favourite part of the weekend!

“But if you can imagine I was teleported back to London rather than sitting in traffic, we would go roller-skating with the kids through Battersea Park before it’s time to settle down for the week ahead.

“I always look forward to Mondays, but I also probably have eating remorse from the weekend — so on Sunday nights I eat as healthily as I can. It pays to start the week in the right way!”

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