My Perfect Weekend: Jeremy Hackett

The quintessentially British owner of the quintessentially stylish menswear company describes his perfect weekend, and identifies the one item that can ruin a good suit…


Jeremy Hackett, the founder of Hackett, is a very busy man. However, behind every successful businessman is an innate ability to wind down at the end of the week – and that is exactly what the fashion designer and business entrepreneur does. Gentleman’s Journal spoke to Jeremy Hackett to find out how he spends his weekends:

If the weather is sunny and perfect in London, what will you be up to this weekend?

I will walk my Sussex Spaniels Muffin And Harry either in Battersea Park, Richmond Park or Hyde Park. Then I’ll have a long lunch with friends at a restaurant, and probably spend some time in my garden. I’m a dab hand at trimming hedges.

What are some of your favourite weekend things to do?

I like to visit Portobello or Spitalfields Market and pick up vintage pieces of clothing. I can’t walk past a charity shop without popping in, just in case. It’s the thrill of the chase.

What are 3 traits that you believe makes a gentleman?

A gentleman should be tactful, self-deprecating and caring.


What are your top 3 style tips for gentlemen?

Always wear a self-tie bow tie, wear long socks with a suit and always invest in good shoes. Nothing ruins a good suit than cheap shoes.

What are you likely to do if it’s a rainy weekend?

Well, I have to walk the dogs and I don’t mind the rain as long as I have a decent Fox umbrella with me. Then I might work on a little book of photographs that I am putting together.

What is your favourite café in London at the moment?

It would have to be Colbert on Sloane Square where I go at least a couple of times a week for breakfast meetings. It sets me up for the day and I can take the dogs.


What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Opening Hackett with no business plan, no marketing plan and very little money.

Where did you go for your last weekend getaway?

I went to The Idle Rocks hotel in the idyllic setting of St Mawes, an enchanting seaside village in Cornwall. The dogs are welcome and in fact it was more of a long weekend because I couldn’t tear myself away.

What are your current favourite art exhibitions right now?

The last one was David Hockney and prior to that the Summer exhibition at the RA. I often drop into the National Portrait Gallery or sometimes The Photographers’ Gallery. I really should make more effort and go to Tate Britain as it is only a short walk from home.

My Perfect Weekend: Jeremy Hackett

What are some walks you like to take with your dogs, Harry and Muffin?

They do love the water so I take them wherever they can go swimming.

What suit or blazer do you recommend for the weekend?

I don’t often wear suits at the weekend except maybe a corduroy suit or a cotton suit, something less formal. I would probably wear a deconstructed blue cotton blazer.

Do you still try and visit your shops on Saturday afternoons?

I am in and out of the shops all the time, but not necessarily on a weekend. I like to talk with the staff and find out how things are selling. I often bump into customers from the very early days of Hackett and now they’ve become more prosperous and are having tailor-made suits.

What are some of your favourite shops or vendors at Portobello Market?

I don’t have any favourites I just wander around until something catches my eye. Recently I was looking through a rail of old tweed jackets and noticed one that looked familiar and was more costly than the others. I asked the stall holder why it was more expensive and she replied, “It is Hackett you know.” – priceless!

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