The timepieces putting the smart in smartwatch

If you're looking to pick up a new smartwatch on Black Friday, Kronaby's collection of hybrids is worth your time...

The Swedish brand has been making some of the more intelligent hybrid smartwatches on the market for a while now with their innovative functions and classic designs.

This Black Friday they are offering 20% off and a free wristband on any watch you buy. So not only do you save a bit of cash (always useful at this time of year) but you have the opportunity to customise your watch to your outfit. A new strap can make it look like a new watch every time.

We know that the market for these watches is vast, and growing everyday, so we’ve made it easy and gathered, what we think, are the best on offer from Kronaby.


The timepieces putting the smart in smartwatch

With its distinctive sunray blue dial, this is one watch that will not disappoint on the looks front. A design choice that has been popular across the watch world for centuries.

It also comes with the genius Kronaby movement that allows you to control a myriad of functions from the crown and two pushers on the side of the case.

Of course, if you buy it through the Black Friday deal you’ll get that extra wristband that allows you to customise your watch to your heart’s content.


The timepieces putting the smart in smartwatch

A slightly more sportier, sturdy design with its sharper lugs, thicker bezel and bold case the Apex is built for the more adventurous of gentleman.

One extremely useful function that comes as standard is the ability for the watch to automatically shift to the correct time zone. So no matter how many countries you explore your timepiece will keep up with you every step of the way.

Why go hybrid?

The timepieces putting the smart in smartwatch

The different functions that are contained inside one Kronaby watch is astounding. From filtering your notifications to finding your lost phone.

You are given the opportunity to personalise what you can control from the pushers and the crown by using Kronaby’s own app. If you want to control your camera one day and then your music the next then Kronaby is the watch brand for you.

Don’t forget you also have the advantage of not having to power a screen, so your watch is powered by a normal battery that can last up to two years. No need to incessantly charge your watch every night.

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