Introducing The Barometer, our measure of summer 2022

From the wedding suit fabric of the summer to the steady decline of the gap year, we gauge the hits and misses of the year so far…

Welcome to the Gentleman’s Journal Barometer, Summer 2022 — a new addition to our print magazine in which we attempt to freeze the events, figures and status symbols of the season on an axis from ‘Great!’ to ‘Godawful!’. 

Some of these things are obvious and straightforward: Santorini will forevermore be tacky; ‘The Rest of Politics’ podcast is one of the happiest revelations of the summer. But other designations will be more controversial. What is the wedding suit fabric of the summer? Which haircut’s unlikely return is to be celebrated? And just what do we make of the steady decline of the gap year?

What’s great?

  • Ruben Östlund’s new film (and Cannes Palme d’Or winner) Triangle of Sadness. A joyous skewering of the millionaire-influencer nexus. 
  • Tinted sunglasses, even (or especially) at night.
  • Galipette Rosé. A lovely dry sparkling cider from Normandy. The thinking man’s Whispering Angel. 
  • The Elizabeth Line. Over-budget. Overdue. But, somehow, worth it. 
  • Brabus Suzuki Jimny. A little beast modded to look like a Mercedes G-Wagen. Great fun.
  • Evian Sparkling Water. About time. 

What’s good?

  • The return of the Waldorf Salad, we’re reliably told. 
  • Anglo-Italian, the debonair Marylebone outfitter, which turned five a couple of weeks back. Happy, um, compleanno!
  • Seersucker at weddings. Less creasy than linen; more festive than wool. 
  • The Waboba. That ingenious ball that bounces on water — which turns 20 this summer.
  • The new, updated folding Persol PO3274S sunglasses.
  • The Twenty Two hotel on Grosvenor Square, which is full of cheer and lovely touches (and the uniforms were designed by Charlie Casely-Hayford).

What’s so-so?

  • The return of the mullet, a haircut of simple pleasures. 
  • The Rest is Politics Podcast. Alistair Campbell and Rory Stewart being thoroughly decent and genuinely insightful for 40 minutes a week.
  • Paulaner Radler. Fanta Lemon for grown ups. We mean that in the best possible way.
  • The Courts, Borrego Springs. Gorgouesly branded 1970s tennis court complex in the Californian desert. 
  • Lime Bikes. The fastest way to get across London without a chopper. 
  • The sudden return of Jack Wills, which feels confusing outside Polzeath and 2006.

What’s ghastly?

  • The news that ‘Influencer’ is not in the top five dream career choices for young people.
  • NFT Bros.
  • The end of gap years, which are said to be in a steady decline.
  • British people increasingly throwing gender reveal parties.
  • Test Match Special being taken off long-wave radio. A small but decisive step towards the endtimes?
  • How To Spend It re-branding as HTSI. Nice idea — but sounds like a hospital department you’d rather not be sent to.

What’s godawful?

  • Anna Delvey’s alleged new solo art show. Criminal, deluded, self-important; she’ll fit right in to the contemporary art world!
  • The news that we are heading for a dramatic Dijon mustard shortage this summer.
  • Automated passport barriers. Give us a disdainful gendarme any day.
  • Going to Santorini.
  • The Sunday Times Rich List 2022. Oligarchs barely falling; the Chancellor of the Exchequer charting; simply depressing all round.
  • The rise of LinkedIn Man. That smug, humble-bragging, Bartlett-flavoured careerist bro.

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