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8 ways supplements could improve your everyday life

From improving your immune system to strengthening your bones and joints, here’s why you should consider a supplement subscription…

During lockdown, it was much, much easier to feel good. Not because of all the social distancing and self-isolation, of course. But rather because of our diets. We had nowhere to be, nothing to do, and could instead while away hours in the kitchen whipping up nutrient and vitamin-rich meals.

A sprinkling of spirulina to perk up our morning porridge? Why not! An hour off over lunch to make an açai berry and hemp seed smoothie bowl? Absolutely! The time to figure out the different between buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth? Of course! But, now life is starting up once again, we find ourselves pushed for time. Thankfully, Lumity are on hand to help.

Founded in 2016 by Cambridge graduate and research scientist Dr Sara Palmer Hussey, Lumity set out to right this nutritional wrong by creating scientifically backed products to help us age beautifully. Because, as we live life on-the-go — without enough sleep, and with too much caffeine and sugar — Hussey discovered that our bodies struggle to keep up, and that we’re ageing prematurely.

And so Lumity’s range of supplements were launched. For men, the Morning & Night Male Supplement is perhaps the best unique, two-step healthy ageing supplement consisting of two different formulas of the highest quality natural ingredients using Lumity’s clinically-proven core formula to support your different needs throughout the day. Interested? Of course you are. Here are 8 ways these gluten-free, preservative-free, sugar-free supplements could improve your everyday life…

They’ll gift you increased energy and alertness

That’s right. If you’ve been struggling to self-motivate during the pandemic, these supplements are packed with Vitamin C, Magnesium and Iodine. Together, these compounds will cultivate a healthy, energy-yielding metabolism. Iodine, in particular, ensures healthy thyroid function — and helps your body turn food into energy.

Your joints, bones, teeth and muscles will feel stronger

The gym is useless, they say, if you’re not putting the right things into your body. And these supplements, containing Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D, are scientifically proven to be ‘the right things’. Targeting structural strength, they’re also complemented with Vitamin C — to ensure healthy collagen formation for cartilage, blood vessels and gums.

You’ll feel a boost in brain health, vitality and endurance

Your nervous system, overlooked as it is, is an immensely important and far-reaching part of your body’s make-up. A strong nervous system, then, is integral to a strong body, balanced psychological function and optimum cognitive function. Lumity’s scientifically-calibrated formula, including Zinc and Iodine, keeps it razor sharp.

Immune system function will be improved and maintained

Now, more than ever, we’re reaping the benefits of strong immune systems. As the world opens up, and contact increases once more, you’ll want your immune system to be operating at its optimum potential. Among the critical nutrients needed to fuel this key system are Vitamins D, C and A — as well as Zinc and Selenium. All are contained in a Lumity capsule.

Supplements can reduce feelings of fatigue and tiredness

Premature ageing can also exacerbate certain problems — such as increased tiredness. With supplements that combat premature ageing, then, your perpetual tiredness will be alleviated. The mix of nutrients in Lumity, including Vitamin C and Magnesium (which catalyses the breakdown of glucose into energy), helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

The right nutrients can neutralise oxidative stress

‘Oxidative stress’ simply refers to the wear and tear of living. These are your daily stresses and everyday expenditure of energy; everything from breathing to exercise. Supplements can help neutralise this small-scale damage by introducing a number of antioxidant nutrients — including Selenium, Zinc and Vitamins C and E — to rebalance and reinvigorate your body.

Supplements can help you get the most from a healthy diet

Of course, the majority of your minerals and vitamins will still come from your balanced diet. But what good are beneficial compounds and chemicals if your body can’t properly absorb them? Some supplements, such as Lumity’s Morning & Night Male offering, are specifically formulated to promote this healthy absorption.

Zinc is included to help the metabolism of macronutrients. Vitamin D supports healthy calcium levels — in addition to calcium and phosphorus absorption. Vitamin C helps the body utilise Iron found in your diet, and Magnesium maintains a healthy electrolyte balance.

Your hair, skin and nails will benefit from extra nutrients

And, finally, a more aesthetic, cosmetic concern. Your hair, skin and nails deal with a lot of pain and punishment during the day — so they should be properly protected. Thankfully, Lumity have formulated a targeted mix of nutrients including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc and Iodine to help with everything from collagen formation to the growth and division of cells.

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