This Father’s Day, gift a moment to switch-off, courtesy of Heath

If you're in search of the best Father’s Day gift, we suggest some reviving, mood-boosting products to give to the man who’s put in the hard yards over the years

Even though Father’s Day almost always lands right in the middle of the calendar, a period chock full of other events, such as summertime sojourns and barbecuing, this year we encourage you to firmly show your appreciation for your old man – or the father figure in your life – with a present that has consideration and care in mind.

So, for this year’s occasion – which is slated for Sunday 18 June – why not give the gift of wellness from Heath, the English grooming brand that itself is rooted in a father-son wellness moment.

The Heath story began in 2017, when co-founder Harry Aaronson founded his venture following a game of squash with his father, both of whom were based in London, time-poor and perpetually on the move.

“We found that we craved that moment to escape the city intensity; our weekly squash game would become a therapeutic way of detaching,” says Harry.

After one particular game, during an autumn Sunday, both men conversed about men’s skincare and how the industry lacked a straightforward, sleekly designed product range that not only provided protection from harsh city environments, such as pollution and constant exposure to blue light from digital screens, but a sense of wellbeing, too.

From then on, the aim was to create a line of goods that didn’t just hydrate, cleanse and serve as a balm to environmental aggressors, but also emphasised wellness, underlining the notion that having a firm grooming routine could rebalance oneself and help one detach – just like both men did during their time on the court – from the rigours of daily life.

As a result, Heath has built a name for reframing the skincare game, with products that are fuss-free, made with at least 90% natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced from around the world, and replete with mood-boosting benefits that make you feel good and look good.

Heath face wash and Heath oil control moisturiser
Heath Hair and Body Wash

With this in mind, and if you’re looking for some Father’s Day gift inspiration, we, at Gentleman’s Journal, would encourage you to reach for any one of Heath’s products, in order to give the unrivalled experience of switching off, resetting and taking a moment of pause in the day.

To help him take a moment of respite before the day really begins, we’d always suggest Heath’s ‘Morning Routine’, which begins with the application of an Eye Serum, a lightweight formula that not only counters signs of premature ageing and fatigue, but also brightens, firms and hydrates, thanks to ingredients such as caffeine extract and Soliberine, an anti-wrinkle agent. Next comes the Protect Serum – made with Pollustop®, a breathable film that acts as a barrier to pollution; preBIULIN FOS, which helps rebalance the skin’s microbiome; and Biowave BCR, used for moisturisation – that’s meant to be massaged gently onto the face and neck, before the application of the Moisturiser, a soothing slick that softens and plumps complexions.

Changing room coat hooks with a tie, sun hat and white shirt tennis racket hung up. A shelf with old sports team photos, certificate, trophies and a tennis racket against the wall.

The next Heath routine is for the dad’s who spend most of their hours on-the-go and need to scrub off the day’s detritus. So, for this, there’s a pair of products that make up the brand’s ‘Shower Routine’, a two-step ritual that starts with the head-clearing Rescue Hair + Body Wash – with eucalyptus, pine needle, vitamin C-rich Brazilian papaya and antioxidant green tea, a small amount will go a long way – and ends with a gel-based Shower Mask that’s applied to the face and left on for five minutes to allow the mix of glycolic acid and AHAs sourced from citrus fruit extracts rid of dullness and bring about a vibrant, refreshing glow.

Then, to round-out the offerings, a final set of gifts for consideration make up the ‘Night Routine’. A Face Wash, featuring black lava, activated charcoal and vitamin C, gently removes the build up of dead skin cells and signs of pollution, and, in effect, provides a clean slate for the following morning. This eventually fades into the use of a Repair Serum, which aims to reinforce the skin’s protective barrier, before the final step of working in that all-important, all-hydrating Moisturiser – a reviving, boosting product for the man who’s put in the hard yards over the years.

Want to learn more about Heath? Here’s how the label combines skincare and wellbeing into its grooming goods…

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