The health benefits of going sober this October

Hear us out, gentlemen

We all like a drink, and, don’t worry we’re not trying to convert you to teetotalism indefinitely. Nevertheless, we all know that as much as we might enjoy our favourite tipple, there are plenty of reasons why a little self-denial might do us the world of good.

The health benefits of going sober this October

A healthier liver

We’re all familiar with the facts about the damage alcohol does to the liver, but just a couple of booze-free weeks can allow your liver the change to heal itself. Give it a month just to be on the safe side.


Alcohol’s diuretic properties make dehydration an inevitable addition to your hangover. Downing a litre of water the morning after a big night might make you feel better, but staying sober will do a far superior job at this.

The health benefits of going sober this October

Better sleep

Those evening drinks not only affect your sleep patterns, but decrease the quality of what sleep you do get. Think of saying no to ‘just one’ as saying no to constant shadows under your eyes.

Clearer skin

With increased hydration, and respite from alcohol’s sugar content, not only will you feel fresher and brighter, but you’ll look it.

The health benefits of going sober this October

Weight loss

Cutting down on empty calories and sugar is one reason for this. The other is that you won’t be reaching for the junk food in the hope of eating away your hangover.

Absorb nutrients

Having a salad for dinner to counteract your post-work pints might seem logical, but skipping the drinks altogether will mean that your body will be able to utilise the vitamins and minerals that you get into your diet.

The health benefits of going sober this October

Improved fitness

It doesn’t take long to feel the effect of sobriety on your physical performance. Increased stamina, ability to build muscle, and, of course, energy to channel into those final push ups means your goals may suddenly not seem so unattainable. Furthermore, less time spent trying to ‘sweat out’ a hangover means a far healthier relationship with the gym.

A stronger immune system

As temperatures begin to drop we need all the help we can get to keep autumn illnesses at bay.

The health benefits of going sober this October

Mental performance

You may think you have mastered the art of getting through a day of meetings on a hangover, but increased mental sharpness, improved memory, and fewer mood swings are just a few of the mental advantages that teetotallers enjoy.

Cheers to all that, gents.

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