Heading to the Greek Islands this summer? These are the best yachts to charter

From Santorini to the Cyclades, ensure you anchor in the Aegean in style

Greece. It’s the birthplace of civilisation, and the source of the most famous myths and legends to ever have been told. Among these tales of daring-do and morality is Jason and the Argonauts, perhaps the most exciting of all legends and a story that made every schoolboy who read it yearn for adventure in the Aegean.

The crystal blue waters, tranquil scenery and promise of exploration indeed make the Greek Islands the perfect destination to charter a yacht this summer. So, if you’re looking to channel Jason and take some Argonauts of your own on an Grecian odyssey this summer, here are the perfect yachts to charter. You could even argue that they’re an upgrade from the Greek hero’s boat — his didn’t have a Jacuzzi, jet skis or ice cream fridge, after all…

For a voyage to Corfu, charter Lady Britt

Corfu, the second largest of the Ionian islands, is ripe with possibility. Defined by rugged mountains and a cultural farrago of Venetian, French and British heritage, it is the perfect place for adventure, and good weather is guaranteed.

Your vessel? Lady Britt. With her double aspect sun deck divided by an air-conditioned gym, authentic Finnish sauna and both indoor and outdoor cinemas, she is one of the finest charters available today — and is currently sailing around the Greek islands. An added bonus for hot summer days — there is a legendary 52-flabour ice-cream dream fridge on board.

For a jaunt around The Ionians, charter Planet Nine

Even though Corfu has one of the most diverse and exciting coastlines of all of the Ionian islands, the wider group is also well worth exploring. Clustered together off the west coast of Greece, Kefalonia, Ithaca and Zakynthos all boast powder-white beaches and lush inlets.

To set off on this expedition then, you will need the best explorer yacht. Enter Planet Nine. Designed by the renowned Tim Heywood, her handsome, naval-inspired style sets the right tone wherever you sail. And you don’t have to adventure alone — nine elegant cabins can accommodate up to 12 guests.

For a spin around The Cyclades, charter Light Holic

South-east of the mainland, the Cyclades are said to be the birthplace of Apollo. They are also where some of Greece’s most important architectural ruins sit. These ancient sites are surrounded by the traditional blue and white stucco towns, making this group archetypal Greece, and one of the best places to anchor if you’re exploring the country for the first time.

For a tour of traditional Greece, you need a suitably retro yacht — and Light Holic offers just that. 1930s styling meets 21st Century technology on board this vessel, and an impressive beach blue with large, water toy-stuffed lazarette will keep you occupied when all the crumbling ruins begin to blend into one.

For a sail around The Sporades, charter Haida 1929

This archipelago in the northwest Aegean Sea features such tourist traps as Skiathos and Skopelos, but don’t let that put you off. At sea, away from the throngs of holidaymakers, these islands offer some of the best views in the whole of Greece, with beaches, wooded terrain, coastal diving and smaller, uninhabited islands begging to be explored.

As with Light Holic, this feel of old fashioned adventure calls for a suitably sophisticated and vintage-styled yacht. Haida 1929 is just that — a unique opportunity to experience the splendour of 1930s yachting lifestyle, despite only returning to the water after an extensive refit in January 2018. Make the most of her return to the water, and christen her first summer among the islands.

For a journey around The Dodecanese, charter Marla

Medieval castles. Byzantine churches. Ancient archaeological sites. If they don’t float your boat, then the Dodecanese aren’t for you. But, if you’re a culture vulture, then this southeastern group of islands are the ones you should be swooping upon, with the heritage-filled Rhodes sitting at their centre.

How to get there? On board Marla, of course. A slightly smaller vessel, she will let you explore more intimately than some of the larger yachts on this list, while still offering accommodation for 12 guests. And, with mountain bikes, dive gear, kayaks, wakeboards and waterskis on board, you can temper your sightseeing with no holds-barred activity and fun.

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