Introducing the Edmiston fleet, and which yacht you should charter

From 30 metres to 90 metres, there are boats big and small. But which is right for you?

From the West Mediterranean to the US East Coast, the destinations a superyacht charter can take you to are unrivalled — as is the experience. With the freedom to sail wherever you see fit, to lounge and linger in your preferred ports and then anchor away at your leisure, this is holiday-making unlike anything you’ve ever embarked on before.

"This is holiday-making unlike anything you’ve ever embarked on before..."

And Edmiston, with their expertise, 20 years in the charter business and catalogue of tens of extraordinary vessels, are the best people to set you sailing. The brand’s brokers will turn your luxury vacation wishlist into a reality, leaving you with only one decision to make — which yacht?

We’ve broken down the whole catalogue into sizes, from the relatively modest, 30-metre Sud, to 85-metre Sunrays. Which will you choose?

For intimate adventures, 30 metres to 40 metres


The smaller the boat, the more options you’ll have. Little harbours and ports, untraversable by larger vessels, will suddenly open up to you. And these yachts are just as decadent as their older cousins. Just take Clarity, for example. With her sporty performance and elegant interiors, she is the perfect yacht for French Riviera exploration — an accolade shared by Hercules I, DXB and Sud.

“The South of France is still the perfect place to charter, and Clarity is a great way to explore the local waters. Fast and fun, you can breakfast in a quiet anchorage and be dining in St Tropez. Then again, you may not want to leave the fabulous flybridge deck, where the crew will serve your every whim.”

— Lucy Taverner, Charter Broker, London on Clarity

And, with these more compact vessels, there tend to be more surprises. From the exterior design quirks — such as Zulu’s striking grey hull or Five Waves’ all-over silver design — to Albatross’ almost Gatsby-like vintage-styled interior, there’s something to turn even the most seasoned of yacht-going heads. Of course, if you’re after a classic chic white vessel, Super and Christina G will never disappoint.

For worldwide exploration, 40 metres to 50 metres


If you fancy upscaling from a European odyssey, and instead want to spend a little longer aboard — flitting from country to island to cove — then this is the perfect size of vessel for you. From sailing Komokwa around the Sea of Cortez or Bina to the Windward Islands, to cruising Deep Blue II to the Med or Balaju down the US East Coast, this is your true global-traveller class vessel.

“Aside from the pedigree build, charm and wonderful crew, Highlander stands apart thanks to her quirky Pop Art collection and an A-lister history that only those who stay aboard will ever truly find out about.”

— Matt Gant, Charter Broker, New York on Highlander

Of course, they’re not half bad inside either. Mariu was built for Giorgio Armani, so its interior is the height of fashion, Teleost boasts a classic yachting interior and Highlander sees the slick, big business sophistication of original owner Malcolm Forbes in every fixture and fitting. This is also the size at which sundecks start getting exciting, with possibilities for entertaining growing with the deck space. Just look at Menorca, or Azteca II, for inspiration.

For glamorous luxury, 50 metres to 60 metres


You must only look at Malahne, one of Edmiston’s poster charters, to see that this is the size at which glamour and scale marry up perfectly. Not so big as they come across ostentatious, but not so small that scope is limited, yachts like this meticulously-restored lesson in Art Deco elegance are rare to come by — but reliably found at Edmiston.

“Fans of 1930s Art Deco style are in for a treat. Then again, anyone who appreciates classic style, meticulous detail or likes a touch of yesteryear romance will find so much to enjoy aboard Malahne. Her superb Captain and Crew are ready to serve, whilst her six staterooms and cabins are the perfect retreats.”

— Anne Lebernicheux, Charter Broker, Monaco on Malahne

Other examples in this class are Inception, a vessel as strikingly styled as the film for which is it named — highlighted by sharp, sweeping lines and massive tinted windows, and Odessa — an effortlessly elegant and quietly sophisticated superyacht with brand new furniture, a vast sun deck and master suite with panoramic views.

For speed and style, 60 metres to 70 metres

Lady Britt

There are certain times when bigger is better. And, while any of the yachts above would undoubtedly whisk you away to a world of luxury unparalleled to any of your past getaways, there’s just something about a 52-flavour ice-cream dream fridge — yes, Lady Britt boasts one — that says ‘luxury’.

“Lady Britt is a fine example of how great Dutch engineering and design can create the perfect sweet spot for charter, as one of the most popular yachts on the market her Redmond Whitely Dixon interior is sure to make you feel at home. One to book early as she is always in demand.”

— Charles Carveles, Broker, London on Lady Britt

Both of the boats in this size category, the aforementioned 7-suite Lady Britt and Benetti-built Lioness V, are large enough to offer tens of toys and tenders, bars and spa facilities, but can still move along at a fair old lick — with the latter reaching a steady cruising speed of 14 knots with no trouble.

For space to relax and entertain, 70 metres to 80 metres


There is an art to making a yacht this big. Utopia, a 72 metre vessel, makes it look easy. With her duplex sun deck, which boasts 360-degree views from a Jacuzzi sitting 50 feet above sea level, to the sweeping on-deck staircase and huge outdoor dining terrace, this is a superyacht that makes meticulously good use of every considerable inch.

“I can’t think of another yacht that delivers such an incredible on-board experience. Utopia’s decks are known as the best, the sun deck sits 50ft above sea level offering the most incredible views. Inside, full height windows continue theme whilst the master suite is magnificent with its own gym and terrace.”   

— Vanessa Lebreton, Charter Broker, Monaco on Utopia

Similarly, Haida 1929, with her incomparable charm and vintage elegance, masks size with design, and offers you the opportunity to experience the splendour of the 1930s yachting lifestyle allied seamlessly with the latest in superyacht luxury — a trait shared by the Tim Heywood-designed Planet Nine; comfort and hardiness fit for modern explorers.

For the best of both worlds, 80 metres to 90 metres


Can you imagine setting sail in either of these boats; Sunrays or Savannah? With the world at your feet and the luxury — and floorspace — of a five star hotel at your disposal, these are the most impressive vessels on Edmiston’s charter roster. And we can see why.

“I have been fortunate enough to spend time aboard this iconic yacht, and her reputation as the ultimate expression of superyacht style and capability is richly deserved. Both the decks and interior are spectacular, with her dramatic living quarters seeming to float in the thin air. Strong eco-credentials add to what is a very special yacht.”      

— James Lloyd, Broker, Monaco on Savannah

The interiors of Savannah look less like they are boat-bound, and more like they have been designed and built inside a luxury coastal villa — all the while tailored for seafaring and your comfort. Similarly, Sunrays  is one of the more sleekest superyachts to sail the oceans. Her effortless styling makes you forget the sheer size, or at least until you step out onto that rear sundeck, which appears endless.

Introducing the Edmiston fleet, and which yacht you should charter

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