Hit the road on this Ducati Monster, kitted out in 24k gold

How to make the seemingly perfect even better: add gold

The Ducatti Monster 1200R, is already a damn near perfect machine. Powerful, rugged, fully tooled-up with everything you need to own the road.

What could possibly make this masterpiece of engineering better? It was task Munich bike modifiers, Diamond Atelier, were given by a customer. An open, yet challenging, brief to improve on the seemingly perfect.

The answer they came up with was gold. A layer of 24 carat metal added to the the frame, and a further pinstripe around the olive-green tank for good measure.

The entire rear end was stripped off too, and in its place a 3D printed custom-made tailpiece, which on top sits a hand-stitched cowhide leather seat.

Finished off with hidden LEDs that double-up as indicators and taillights, and a whole host of  Ducati performance parts – and you’ve got a machine that can turn heads like a naked supermodel in all-boys school.

That’s if anyone can catch a glimpse when its 152 bhp is put to good use on the Autobahn, maxing out at a monstrous 160mph.

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