Cocktail of the Week: The Four Seasons’ Blood Orange & Vermouth Atrium Cobbler

Just in time for Easter, one of Italy’s most luxurious bars has come up with a cocktail designed to pair perfectly with chocolate...

The four day Easter weekend usually marks the start of bank holiday season, a steady descent into all-day beer garden revelry that sees us through to summer. With any luck, this’ll be our last public holiday stuck at home. That means it’s time to dust off those bottles at the back of your alcohol collection. Amaretti Disaronno, for example, that you might have drunk last at Christmas. Dry Vermouth, too, which you’ve probably been hoarding since 1995. Both get their moment in the sun with this refreshing cocktail. 

"With any luck, this’ll be our last public holiday stuck at home..."

At The Four Seasons in Florence, Head Bartender Edoardo Sandri created the Atrium Cobbler to pair with chocolate, ahead of the hotel’s new chocolate-themed afternoon tea menu. “Rum is typical with chocolate, but this is a riff on the classic sherry cobbler, and it cuts through the sweetness it perfectly,” he tells Gentleman’s Journal. Edoardo serves it in a tall highball glass, muddling the blood orange and spirits with crushed ice and mint to create a long and refreshing spring drink.

To make this at home, there are all sorts of artisan British vermouth companies popping up on the market: Sacred Spirits make a bone-dry white vermouth, while Asterley Bros make an excellent Schofield’s Dry vermouth. So put your feet up, smash open that luxury chocolate egg and make yourself a cocktail. Happy Easter. 

The Four Seasons’ Blood Orange & Vermouth Atrium Cobbler


  • 80ml White Vermouth (we’d recommend Asterley Bros)
  • 1 teaspoon Sugar 
  • ½ Blood Orange, peeled, cut into slices and quartered
  • 2 sprigs Fresh Mint
  • Crushed Ice
  • 10ml Disaronno
  • Orange Zest
  • 1 slice Fresh Chilli 


  1. Cut the peel off your blood orange, then cut in half horizontally. Cut half of it into thick round slices, and cut each slice into quarters. Set the peel aside to use as a garnish. 
  2. Sprinkle the sugar over the blood orange, and leave to macerate for a moment in the bottom of a tall highball glass while you prepare the rest of the cocktail. 
  3. Add the white vermouth to the glass. 
  4. Clap the sprigs of mint in your hand to release the scent, then arrange in the glass. 
  5. Fill the glass almost to the top with crushed ice (you can make this in a blender by blitzing for a couple of seconds). 
  6. Pour the amaretti over the top of the ice, and garnish with a twist of orange zest and a slice of fresh chilli

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