Cocktail of the Week: CleanCo Mos-low Mule

Created using a non-alcoholic spiced apple spirit from CleanCo, this hangover-free twist on the classic is the perfect cocktail for summer...

There are many, many mules. The first, mixed into existence in 1941, was created by the head bartender at New York’s Chatham Hotel. Blended with ginger beer, vodka and lemon juice, the Moscow Mule has since become a classic; often seen served in a copper mug — and with a slightly spicy, sharp and icy taste. 

It was the first of many mules. The ‘Kentucky Mule ‘followed, blended with bourbon. Then came the ‘Mexican Mule’, with a tequila twist. The ‘Bohemian Mule’ enjoys an absinthe kick, an ‘Oslo Mule’ is mixed with aquavit and the ‘Jamaican Mule’ makes peppery, piquant use of spiced rum. And now this, the ‘Mos-low Mule’, is a cocktail created with CleanCo’s non-alcoholic spirit, Clean V.

"There are many, many mules..."

Expertly crafted by Spencer Matthew’s pioneering non-alcoholic spirits brand, Clean V is a healthier, fresher spin on spiced apple vodka. Lip-smacking, mouth-watering — and with a touch of cinnamon for warmth, it’s the perfect spirit alternative with which to create a modern twist on this classic cocktail. 

What’s more, Clean V has no sugar, no sweeteners and is both lactose and gluten free. So why not buy a bottle and try your hand at mixing this hangover-free thirst-quencher…

CleanCo Mos-low Mule


  • 50ml CleanCo Clean V
  • 150ml Light Ginger Beer
  • Half a Lime, squeezed
  • Mint Sprig, to garnish


  1. Fill a glass with ice
  2. Pour in Clean V and light ginger beer
  3. Add lime juice and mix thoroughly
  4. Garnish with mint and lime slice
Clean V Spiced Apple

Clean V Spiced Apple


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Want to learn more about CleanCo? We asked Spencer Matthews how he built the brand…

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