Is this the ultimate summer-sports holiday?

At Club Med, level up your forehand, your putting and your scuba skills…

For more than seven decades, Club Med has been a proven winner in curating a portfolio of superlative all-inclusive resorts that stretch across the globe, from dramatic Alpine slopes to the paradisal landscapes of the Maldives, by way of the crystal-clear waters that touch Greece’s shores. Today, the travel specialist lays claim to more than 70 resorts across 18 countries, with each destination avoiding cliché copy-and-paste schemes, and leaning, instead, into local tastes, designs and sensibilities. Bolstering this considered approach, Club Med spots are also famed for their easygoing, approachable staff, known as GOs (gentle operators), who provide a five-star service and help ‘curate moments of conviviality.’

Moreover, another major pillar that keeps the vibrancy alive in each resort is the extensive, difficult-to-rival sports-and-activities offering: ‘Your days are never repetitive,’ so says the venture. Throughout each destination, there are up to 25 sports to engage with – ‘every morning, you ponder about the activities that will fill your day’ – meaning that the options, which cover land and water, cater to all preferences and tastes, with top-grade equipment at hand to ensure a smooth, fuss-free experience.

There are, of course, the usual suspects, including tennis, a perfect opportunity to sharpen up your baseline prowess and drop shots (private lessons are available, too, if needing to figure out how to level up the serve, and resort tournaments allow you to engage with your competitive side); road cycling is offered in the Alps, where you can get on the saddle and test your endurance on some iconic Tour de France trails; and archery, that most ancient of sport, will have you spring from your relaxed, languorous holiday mode into a razor-sharp state of mind.

On-trend sports and activities are also taken care of, as is the case with padel (the tennis-squash hybrid that has fast taken over the recreational circuit) and flying trapeze, the high-thrills, leftfield pursuit that engages balance, acrobatics and an inner artistry – at Club Med, unlike at many other locations that offer it, you’ll fly through the skies with otherworldly landscapes as a backdrop.

If, however, you’re looking for something in rhythm with your off-duty, out-of-office spirit, then make a beeline for the golf course, the setting of which – pristine greens deep among forests – easily matches the prestige of Augusta, meanwhile yoga and meditation will help facilitate moments of inner stillness.

For those looking to strengthen their sea legs, especially holidaymakers on a beachside getaway, water sports are a must, and there’s a surfeit of options that sets you out on to the seas and oceans in front, from water-skiing in Mauritius, sailing on a catamaran in Turkey, and windsurfing in Bali. Going below the surface, there’s also scuba diving – possibly the greatest way to survey the glories of a location – and snorkelling.

To get the best water-sports experience, we’d nudge you towards the white sands of Columbus Isle; Les Boucaniers’s harmonious coconut grove; or to Cancún, set between a turquoise-blue lagoon and the Caribbean Sea.

Better still, each sport is guided by qualified professionals who undergo continuous training to ensure they’re up to date with all the latest developments and techniques so that they can work with all levels, from those picking up a racket for the first time, to the seasoned veteran who has years of riding the waves.

With this in mind, together with the knowledge that you’ll return back to your base where every need and whim is fully taken care of, why not make this coming summer one where you can get away from the digital drain of your smartphone, leave the office worries behind for a week or two, and get the heart racing just a little, whether with a golf club in hand or with some goggles around the eyes?

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Club Med

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