Winter blues? These premium family-friendly resorts will make summer a breeze

Though high-end in style, there’s still a down-home feel that pervades throughout every Club Med destination

Spring, it finally seems, is imminent, and the heavy shadow of winter might at last lift for another year. So, as the days get a touch brighter and the degrees go up a few notches, one can’t help but daydream of the possibilities of the seasons ahead – the high-heat tingle of the sun on skin, afternoons drifting off underneath clear skies, the borderless freedom of July days.

For those with families, planning for a hot-weather sojourn can prove a serious pain point – the detailed planning going into every decision; the constant back-of-the-mind worrying – but one travel operator to consider, if you’re looking to take the sting out of what is meant to be a period of reclining and relaxing, is Club Med, a pioneer of the premium all-inclusive concept since 1950.

Located in more than 70 all-inclusive resorts that stretch across 18 countries, Club Med’s Sun holiday destinations are global in outlook, catering to various flavours and preferences, and eschewing the blanket, sterile feel of package tourism in favour of properties imbued with local traditions and design styles, as well as upscale accommodations. Among the options at hand, there’s the chance to make a beeline for a coast-meets-mountain getaway at Palmiye, in Turkey; spend a week or two in a renovated coconut grove, at the Dominican Republic’s Punta Cana; and stay atop sea cliffs at Cefalù, in Italy.

Though high-end in looks, there’s still a calming, down-home spirit that pervades throughout every location, making each one feel warm, approachable, and less restricted in spirit when compared to other luxury boltholes – a notion that may come as a relief for those with families. ‘Count on our team of dedicated GOs [staff members, who are known as gentle organisers], renowned for their professionalism and attentive service, to curate moments of conviviality’, so says Club Med. Adding to the vibrant atmosphere are the 3,000 live artists that perform across the resorts throughout the year.

Moreover, corroborating Club Med’s open ethos is an all-ages-welcome quality, something that is evidenced in the venture's Children's Clubs, in which young globetrotters, from 4–17, are looked after by GOs and certified professionals across a range of activities throughout the day.

To start off, the Baby Club , for those between 4–24 months, comprises a dedicated space in which young children can engage with myriad age-appropriate activities, from music appreciation to motor-skill-technique tests.

A little further up in age is the game-changing science-based approach of the Mini Club+ Concept (4–10 years) that focuses on the children's sense of well-being and resilience through an emphasis on play and cooperation – a Ninja Bootcamp, notably, requires the child to design their own obstacle course and conquer it, with the aim of illustrating the individual’s strengths and, ultimately, developing their own self-esteem and happiness.

For the teens, there’s a range of tailored programmes – for example, the Club Med Chill Pass, for 14-17-year-olds, features hangout spaces for socialising; activities, such as laser tag and snorkelling; and much more, in order to ensure all measures of tastes are met.

Rather importantly, too, is spending time with those closest to you, which comes courtesy of the Amazing Family programme, whereby water sports, life-sized board games and the like are put on offer to help harness those memory-making moments with family and friends – the things that give any holiday a soft, heart-singing quality.

Padding out the plethora of goods available is a comprehensive sports programme – from kite-surfing to wing foiling, as well as more languid pastimes, such as golf – and gourmet dining, with a strong focus on regional menus, some of which have been curated in tandem with Michelin-star guest chefs.

Together with the fact that the kids are taken care of, and the parents can also have some off-duty time – thanks to live bands, DJs and themed evenings – this may well make for the first stress-free family holiday you’ve had for quite some time.

Club Med Sun holidays

Club Med Sun holidays

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