Chester Barrie – The Savile Row tailor for the young entrepreneur

The sartorial choice of the new business breed


What clothes should an entrepreneur wear? Think about the ones that you know. Have they got a defined ‘look’? It seems they have been locked in a homogeneous combination of jeans, white shirt, and blazer for some years now – smart, respectable but only just-so. They don’t operate according to the rules of the ‘man’, they’re disruptors, innovators –  Mark Zuckerberg’s wardrobe is festooned with grey T-shirts and a few fleeces, which would have adorned our good frame around 1996. Indeed his motto “Done is better than perfect” practically embodies his approach to style.

Today, of course, the young entrepreneur gravitates in orbits that range from the casual to the rarefied, the leisurely to the professional, but still it endures that the cut of one’s cloth has never been a greater measure of success. As one of the first tailors to offer ready-to-wear attire for men then, it comes as no surprise that Chester Barrie is the go-to clothier when entrepreneurs choose their garments.

Chester Barrie – The Savile Row tailor for the young entrepreneur

What is it about Chester Barrie that should appeal to the entrepreneur?

First, they are global citizens – at home in different time zones and conducting pitches in boardrooms from San Francisco to Singapore, lunching in members clubs from Hyderabad to Hyde Park and changing at Dubai International Airport en route to Auckland without a second thought. This means their clothes have to posses that perfect combination of comfort and smart casual, without lapsing into an unstructured, crumpling mess that so often blights the international traveller.

Secondly, this international perspective manifests itself in the brand’s own approach to its tailoring. One glance at its Camel Twill Kingly Jacket shows that it oozes Mediterranean chic, a fact bolstered by its partnership with Italian mill Loro Piana, which provided the fine blend of baby camel hair that covers the piece.

Finally, its AW17 collection possesses versatile and refined cuts, as well as flaunting that hint of disruptive individuality to each piece that not only proves Chester Barrie stands out from its competitors, but also ensures the young entrepreneur stands out from the competition, too. That tartan jacket alone is evidence alone of this:


The importance of their Creative Director

It’s a look Simon Kirby Creative Director has specifically created with the entrepreneur in mind. ‘The Chester Barrie AW17 collection has a level of sophistication that appeals to a younger, more entrepreneurial mind-set, drawn in by our use of colour and texture. The greys have a definite warmth to them while teal and French navy add variety. Of course, we have used a lot of English woven flannel which has a richness and adds to the distinctiveness of the range while the Tonik wool mohair blend has a sharpness that justifies its description as our “Get Carter” suit.’

Now there’s a man who really knows a thing about dressing well. And no Branson, we’re certainly not talking about you…

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