Chester Barrie AW17 collection: Our pick of the products

Gentleman's Journal choose the best of suiting and accessories for the season ahead

Chester Barrie is a brand known for continuously developing and tweaking with the forms and techniques of tailoring that have been established for many years. The brand, always one step ahead, manages to alter traditional garments to stay up to speed and in line with our increasingly busy contemporary way of life.

And, yet again, their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection hasn’t disappointed. Again proving their endless innovation, the suiting experts claim to provide a ‘sense of style for gentlemen who know the value of good dressing’. Frankly, we couldn’t agree more.

This new range taps into a few of the key trends for this upcoming season. Chester Barrie has notably embraced layering, textured clashing prints, bold reds and cobalt blue hues – twist tradition even more and making their classic lines and cuts seem, once again, brand new. It’s a distinctive collection which celebrates the quality of luxury in a modern man’s wardrobe, while adding interest. Listen up, and take a look at our pick of the new crop.

Chester Barrie AW17 collection: Our pick of the products

Is layering the key to style this season?

Embracing the printed suit this Autumn seems to be a wise idea – but are you worried about the inevitable wind chill? Chester Barrie will put all your qualms to rest with their special double-breasted overcoat, which can be worn over any colour, print or texture. It doesn’t get any more versatile than this, gents, and that’s a surefire reason to invest.

Chester Barrie AW17 collection: Our pick of the products

Is texture clashing a dangerous business?

With clothes that work as well together as these? Definitely not. Once more for Chester Barrie, dull colours have been banished in favour of something a little more exciting. The brand are broadening our horizons – something you’ll be glad you took a chance on – with cleverly-constructed prints, and textures that’ll shake up your wardrobe no end. Be brave and be bold. Get your houndstooth, your tartan and your tweed on and – if you’re still hesitant to go patterned for your full outfit – accessories accordingly with a patterned tie, or pocket square.

Chester Barrie AW17 collection: Our pick of the products

Could red bed the colour of the season?

Men’s Autumn fashion usually finds us swimming in navies, black and browns. But, this year, Chester Barrie are spearheading the colourful charge and carrying summer brightness through into Autumn – albeit it with a seasonally-appropriate shift. Like the leave falling from the trees, deep reds will engulf your wardrobe this season – and it’s not a colour that will let you down. Even if you just go for an accent of maroon or marillion – say a tie or pair of socks – you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Chester Barrie AW17 collection: Our pick of the products

Or is blue going to win the seasonal colour race?

Although things looked like they were warming up with the reds, blue could be here just in time to cool things off for winter. With SS18 already looking like its kneeling at the feet of Cobalt Blue, this trend appears to be sneaking back into 2017, and Chester Barrie is pre-empting next year’s favour hue by jumping on the blue bandwagon and giving your ultra-classic tuxedo jacket an upgrade.

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