The Pick: The elegant double-breasted jacket for Italian chic

For a hint of summer sophistication this autumn, look to Italy for inspiration

There’s something strange about a double-breasted jacket. In some colours – and on some men – it can bring out the height of British sophistication. Paired with a bowler, umbrella and double windsor knot, there is nothing so patriotic – think everyone from Prince Charles to Colin Firth in Kingsman. But then, switch up the colour and cut just a little, pair with different clothes, and the British vibes dissipate, giving way to a continental European, Mediterranean chic.

The Pick: The elegant double-breasted jacket for Italian chic

Our pick of double-breasted blazers falls into this latter category – and for good reason. For, even though Chester Barrie are stalwarts of Savile Row, and as English as a company could come, this Camel Twill Kingly Jacket is crafted from a sumptuous blend of baby camel hair and wool by Italian mill Loro Piana, and is designed to be the perfect marriage of comfort and style.

Cut in Chester Barrie’s signature double-breasted ‘Kingly’ block, it is fully-lined for both ease of wear and warmth – a perfect investment as summer slips away. Exterior patch pockets give the jacket a more youthful appearance than some double-breasted offerings, and the tailor has ensured that the proportions of the Kingly jacket are considered to elongate the figure. The peak lapels also make this a perfect piece for power dressing. So, if you’re feeling like the king of smart casual, or just want to entertain your inner Italian, this striking jacket is the one for you.

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