Chapman’s Innovative Cycle Backpack is a sleek, stylish addition to your cycle commute

If you're looking for a Cycle Backpack that comprises style, safety and suavity in equal measure: look no further than British brand Chapman.

We live in an age of cyclists. Cyclists are left, right and centre. As soon as we set foot outside, there they are: Lycra-clad visions hurtling past in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, lower carbon emissions and an arrival time at the office that leaves them time to shower. Chances are, many gentlemen reading this article will be nodding smugly, (rightly) proud at their status as one of society’s healthy individuals with a considerably lower carbon footprint than those who get the train, bus or — horror — drive.

Cycling is the future (and, indeed, the present); but the big question is how to maintain a sense of gentlemanly style whilst pedalling away — not to mention keeping your personal belongings safe, dry and intact. It’s a puzzle, indeed; but, as with all bag-related conundrums, Chapman is ready and waiting with a luxurious, aesthetically-pleasing, durable solution: a solution that’ll allow you to ‘ride and shine’. Intrigued? Read on…

By now, you’ll be more than well-versed in Chapman’s timeless craft, exquisite design and the stylish luggage and accessories that hail from the British brand’s Tannery Road workshop in Carlisle. But the brand’s (aptly-named) Innovative Cycling Backpack aims to merge traditional, luxury design with the contemporary, urban needs of its customers — namely, the cyclists of today — and to say it rises to the challenge would be the biggest understatement since the brand’s 1984 inception.

If one thing’s for sure: it’s that you can wave a hearty goodbye to hi-vis. That’s not to say that reflective gear doesn’t have a place in a gentleman’s wardrobe, of course; it most certainly does. But Chapman’s Cycling Backpack was created for situations that hi-vis can’t always cater to. That moment you step off your bike and into an important business meeting, for example; or the all-important brunch with your girlfriend’s parents. A brunch that you’ve pedalled across London to get to, and at which you want to make an exceptional first impression.

If you’re often facing social situations such as these (and as a busy sort of chap, we’d hasten to assume you are), Chapman’s Cycling Backpack is the gift that will, quite simply, keep on giving. For one thing, its black leather aesthetic makes it the stylish accompaniment to every cycle; no matter the route or the destination. In true Chapman fashion, it’s Italian full grain vegetable tanned leather, of course; but the unique touch here is the (exceptionally high-quality) perforated pin hole design of the leather in question.

Not only does the backpack look distinctly dapper; but it’s practical, too. Behind the pin hole leather lies a highly reflective material; which will reflect car headlights once the sun has set, thereby maintaining all the health and safety that cyclists need to be unfailingly aware of, and allowing you to — quite literally — ride and shine.

As well as boasting a stellar safety feature, the bag is the optimum choice for businessmen. If you’re striding headfirst into a business meeting straight from your cycle into work, you can be confident that this roll-top backpack — with its briefcase handle — is just the thing for the boardroom, and the perfect way to cement your status as the suavely stylish gentleman we know you are. Plus, the option for personalisation is an irresistible way to add yet more unique style to an already distinctly innovative bag…

It’s discrete; it’s sophisticated; and it’s practical, too. You can sit down at the boardroom table and whip out your laptop straight from your Cycle Backpack, thanks to the brass zipped laptop pocket; and the rest of your belongings will be kept snug and dry in even the most torrential downpour, thanks to the cotton internal lining. As you get your laptop up and running, you can rake in the compliments from your colleagues on the backpack’s British brass fittings; and you can ‘wow’ them with the demonstrable comfort that stems from the British parachute webbing shoulder straps.

As we said; it’s the gift that keeps on giving. So this autumn, give the gift of luxury, practicality and effortless style to yourself, and to your cycle route. Chapman’s Cycle Backpack (available in Large at £495, as featured, and also in a Medium size at £395) will make your life considerably easier; it’ll keep you safe, when you’re cycling through those dark winter nights; and it’ll send your gentlemanly style credentials soaring through the roof. Trust us.

Chapman’s Innovative Cycle Backpack is a sleek, stylish addition to your cycle commute

Chapman Innovative Cycle Backpack


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