When the weekend calls, the Chapman Weekender is the answer

As our year of staycations continues, Gentleman's Journal unzips the latest addition to Chapman's hand-crafted collection...

During the past 18 self-isolated, socially-distanced months, weekend ‘staycations’ — and, indeed, the luggage that comes with them — have become a highlight of our locked-down lives. Whether cruising through the country lanes to Oxfordshire or opting to journey further afield, the art of the staycation has been honed by the great and the good.

Country homes are sourced, researched and booked with discerning discrimination. Wardrobes are raided for the perfect outfits; ensembles to tackle eventualities from countryside barbecues to beachside strolls. And essentials from phone chargers to gripping reads are thrown — like caution to the wind — into finely-stitched, canvas-constructed, leather-finished weekend bags. 

And these bags are the key to a successful staycation. Well-made, ergonomically-designed and ready for anything the wild British Isles can throw our way, the trusty ‘weekender’ has become our most faithful travelling companion. And that’s where Chapman comes in.

Established in 1984, Chapman proudly crafts British-made luggage and accessories from its workshop on Carlisle’s Tannery Road. And perhaps the finest piece to pass through the hands of the brand’s talented artisans is the reliable, resilient ‘The Chapman Weekender‘. Combining tradition with innovation, the classically-styled weekend bag is the ideal option for any modern man taking a trip this autumn.

Because, while this olive-coloured bag may be the newest addition to Chapman’s collection, the brand has been designing and developing ‘weekenders’ for decades. In fact, the ‘Ultimate Weekender‘ — a premium all-leather option available in colours from black to brown — has been constantly refined and redesigned for years in pursuit of perfection.

Similar attention to detail has gone into every patch and pocket of ‘The Chapman Weekender’. Available only in this ultra-versatile muted green, the olive weekend bag is as stylish as the clothes you’ll pack inside it. And, while its main body is crafted from canvas, the touches of sleek leather trim blend seamlessly into the design.

The brass fittings (made in Britain, naturally) add both durability and decoration — and the vegetable-tanned handles are so strong and reliable you could tote this thing from Inverness to the Isle of Wight without a worry.

Inside, expect over half a metre of stowage space — with two internal pockets sewn in for extra storage. On the weatherproof bonded cotton-canvas exterior, you’ll find both a slip pocket and a shoe pocket (the latter of which happily happens to be waterproof; because the British weather is unlikely to stay sunny for your entire staycation).

There’s even a laptop sleeve, to accommodate the needs of contemporary customers — and the aforementioned waterproof shoe pocket helps ensure your belongings stay safe and separate from one another. And, just to keep things extra secure, that brass zip also comes with a lifetime guarantee — and will characteristically mellow and age with use. It’s the same with the leather trim, which will develop a patina to add to this weekender’s timeless design.

But perhaps the best part? The possibility for personalisation. With the option to brand up to three characters on your weekender, your luggage will border on the bespoke. And, with the ‘Chapman Promise‘ practically guaranteeing your bag will survive for years to come, you can even look forward to carrying-it-on when far-flung holidays take flight once more.

For now, however, British staycations are calling. And, with everything from cathedral cities and market towns to windswept moors and mountains beckoning, we can think of few better investments than a rigorously-made, tough-and-ready Chapman bag to take along with you.

When the weekend calls, the Chapman Weekender is the answer

The Chapman Weekender

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