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The new rules of jewellery for men

Is all that glistens gold?

The subject of men’s jewellery has long been a contentious one but, thanks to the envelope-pushing style of men like Harry Styles and Alessandro Michele, the landscape is changing and minds are broadening. No longer does a simple chain or statement ring consign you to a hearty dose of mockery — as gentlemen in a metrosexual age are waking up to the power of jewellery to make an effective, stylish and signature statement.

However, it is still true that there are few style faux pas considered worse than a piece of jewellery that misses the mark. From chunky, garish necklaces that turn heads for all the wrong reasons to that ill-judged beaded bangle which seemed like a great idea on the beach in Bali, there’s a fine line between acceptable accessories for the modern man – and those that truly aren’t.

So, we’re here to help you sift through the diamante studs and novelty necklaces in order to find the men’s jewellery you can wear with style. So, step away from the anklets, gents, and educate yourself in the mysterious rules of regalia.

The simple bangle: Serges Denimes Arrow Bangle

The world of men’s bracelets is a tricky one. There are the chunky, the colourful, and the overly-shined creations, that should be avoided at all costs. But, among the beaded bangles, the wildly coloured bracelets and studded cuffs, you can find a glint of silver – something simple, understated and destined to become an accessory stalwart in your wardrobe.

Opt for something like this Serges Denimes Silver Arrow bangle, which offers the perfect subtle enhancement to any outfit — the perfect in-between that plays it safe, yet stylish.

The new rules of jewellery for men

Serges Denimes Silver Arrow Bangle


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The mark of tradition: Ruffs Signet Ring

The King of Rings, the signet is less a piece of jewellery, and more a message. Unlike ostentatious necklaces and designer rings that shout their intentions at you in 24 carat gold, a signet ring tells a story that only a select few know how to read. Be it with your initials, a family crest, or simply an engraving that holds significance to you, there is a quiet honesty and sophistication in these rings.

And, for all your bespoke signet ring needs, look no further than Ruffs — maker of the fine hand-crafted signet rings that cater to any taste and requirement. Not fond of engravings? It also does a greta line in stone set rings.

The new rules of jewellery for men

Ruffs Plain Stone Signet Ring


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The smart-casual piece: Rubinacci Silk Silver-Tone Bracelet

Looking for something to strike a rather more relaxed tone than the silver bangle? A simple, woven silk bracelet can strike the perfect ‘smasual’ tone — taking you seamlessly from day to night.

So light you won’t even remember you’re wearing it, this silk bracelet from Rubinacci will feel like an easy transition into jewellery if you’ve only ever worn a watch on your wrist before. Comprised of three separate bracelets, each closed with a polished silver-tone fastening, it’s smart enough to wear with suiting so you needn’t worry about taking it off for the office.

The new rules of jewellery for men

Rubinacci Silk Bracelet


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The elegant everyday piece: Tom Wood Classic Band

The second ring to grace this list, the simple silver ring doesn’t have the same history or decoration as the signet, but nor does it need it. Instead, the silver ring derives its sophistication from its simplicity. A hint of interest on the hand, a simple silver ring doesn’t make its purpose abundantly clear – but instead adds a little intrigue. Is it a wedding band? Or does it hold an alternative, deeper significance?

For the gentleman who prefers to keep it smart and simple, Tom Wood’s classic band ring has been crafted in rhodium plated sterling silver, and is polished to a subtle satin shine with space on the inner for your personal message. Perfect for casual everyday wear, or — dare we say it — as a wedding band.

The new rules of jewellery for men

Tom Wood Classic Band


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The conversation starter: Patrick Mavros Walking Lion Cufflinks

Even for the most reluctant jewellery-wearer, cufflinks are an essential – even if you do only get to crack them out at weddings and black tie events. If you want to make a statement, look no further than Patrick Mavros for some undeniably head-turning pieces.

Patrick Mavros’ cufflinks aren’t simply accessories, but art works in their own right. Rather than working with simple shapes, Mavros takes his love of Africa and years of experience studying the continent’s striking animals and combines it with his exuberant personality and passion for drawing and sculpting to bring to life exquisite pieces by cast in sterling silver.

The new rules of jewellery for men

Patrick Mavros Walking Lion Cufflinks


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The good luck charm: Alighieri Snow Lion Necklace

More unusual than a traditional St Christopher and far cooler than your ageing lucky boxers, sporting a good luck pendant will give you an air of being both mysterious and sentimental. Let is poke nonchalantly from beneath an open shirt collar – only to see the real light of day beside the pool on holiday where the sunshine and relaxed vibe will make it seem suave rather than pretentious.

And if it happens to be one of Alighieri’s sterling silver options rather than an ancient coin you found combing the beaches of Naples? Well we won’t tell if you won’t.

The new rules of jewellery for men

Alighieri Snow Lion Necklace


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