The Diary: Breitling X Gentleman’s Journal Adventurers’ Lunch

A group of intrepid explorers joined Gentleman's Journal and Breitling at Mark's Club to celebrate the watchmaker's adventurous spirit...

Breitling and Gentleman’s Journal welcomed a handful of the country’s finest young explorers to Mark’s Club on Friday for the Adventurers’ Lunch — a celebration of the watch brand’s intrepid roots. David de Rothschild — the Breitling Explorer Squad member and soon-to-be Gentleman’s Journal podcast guest —held court in the verdant dining room at the Mayfair club in the company of James Aiken, Leo Russell, David Gandy, Charlie Smith, Tommy Brady, Simon Clarke, Alex Libby, Andrew Cooper and Gavin Murphy. Over chablis and dover sole (though one suspects river water and tree bark would have sufficed), our explorer’s compared battle scars and tales of derring-do — as well as Breitling’s handsome range of exploration watches.

Simon Clarke and David Gandy

Simon Clarke and David Gandy

<p class="c-excerpt">Tommy Brady</p>

Tommy Brady

<p class="c-excerpt">Ross Turner</p>

Ross Turner

David Gandy and David de Rothschild

David Gandy and David de Rothschild

<p class="c-excerpt">Andrew Cooper</p>

Andrew Cooper

<p class="c-excerpt">David Bain</p>

David Bain

<p class="c-excerpt">Alex Libby</p>

Alex Libby

<p class="c-excerpt">Simon Clarke</p>

Simon Clarke

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