These are the best men’s fragrances for autumn

As the seasons change, it's out with the light and floral, and in with these woodier, muskier fragrances...

Here at Gentleman’s Journal, autumn might just be our favourite season. There’s that back-to-work style boost, the weather is brighter and crisper — and we can finally dig out our favourite cashmere jumpers for another year.

But our grooming routines can take a hit. Whether it’s dry skin affecting our wet shaves, or that windy weather blowing in bad hair days, it can be tough to maintain a good, presentable look during the autumn months. Thankfully, fragrances are an easy win. And, with summer over, it’s out with the light and the floral scents, and in with woodier, muskier options. Here, we’ve found the six best scents to see you through autumn…

For a subtly spiced option, Floris' 'Spiced Bergamot'

Because why should your coffee have all the autumnal spiced fun? From Floris, this new ‘Spiced Bergamot’ aftershave was created by the in-house perfumery team on St James’s Jermyn Street. And, with ingredients including citrus and ginger, it sings with more seasonal seasoning notes than even the creamiest cappuccino. 

It’s an interpretation of the original ‘Malmaison’ fragrance, created in the first half of the 19th century. Reimagined for the modern man, this fresh blend brings a base of sandalwood, heart of white jasmine and top notes of bergamot together to warm your upcoming autumnal days with its strong, woody character. 

Floris Spiced Bergamot


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For a woody fragrance, Creed's 'Bois Du Portugal'

Creed’s ‘Bois Du Portugal’ has an evocative name and a natural nose. Meaning ‘woods’ in French, the ‘bois’ of this scent’s name heralds a forest of fragrant ingredients — beginning with solid cedarwood and climbing up through branches of sandalwood and vetiver to give this eau de parfum its rich, smooth and refined finish.

There are other notes in there, too — with lavender, lemon and lime bringing hints of springtime freshness to a thoroughly autumnal scent. Our favourite touch? An elusive top note of basil; a hidden hint that only occasionally makes itself known — but adds a welcome herby, almost savoury smell to this earthy aftershave.

Creed Bois Du Portugal


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For a versatile scent, Penhaligon’s ‘The Inimitable Mr Penhaligon’

Almost worth it for the bottle alone, Penhaligon’s horned eau de parfum will beckon you out of bed on even the darkest, dullest autumn mornings. There’s a duality to this one; a blend of deep, woody, almost smoky scents with fresh, crisp aromas of citrus and floral jasmine — which makes it perfect for transitional seasons.

Amber also plays a key role in the scent profile of ‘The Inimitable Mr Penhaligon’. It’s a note that runs through the base notes of sandalwood, middle notes of incense and vetiver and through to the top notes of bergamot. It’s warm, it’s fresh and it’s earthy — everything you need from a good autumn aftershave. 

Penhaligon’s ‘The Inimitable Mr Penhaligon’


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For an intense, masculine option, Czech & Speake's ‘Vétiver Vert’ Eau de Parfum

Colder weather can work wonders for your aftershave. The drop in temperature means any fragrance you spritz on will take longer to evaporate and dissipate — giving you time to appreciate subtle touches and nuances you may have otherwise missed. And Czech & Speake’s Vétiver Vert is a goldmine of intense, powerful scents.

It opens with rich citrus top notes of bergamot and mandarin, before green, balsamic heart notes storm through and deliver a long-lasting, masculine mid-section. Finally, a base of Haitian vetiver and sandalwood offers up a subtle sweetness at the end of this autumnal fragrance — the last fragrant flourish of a masterful blend.

Czech & Speake Vétiver Vert Eau de Parfum


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For a musky, autumnal classic, Le Labo's 'Santal 33' Eau de Parfum

There’s a reason Le Labo’s timeless ‘Santal 33’ has become a mainstay of the colder months. With notes of cardamom, ambrox, leather and musks, it spritzes like a crackling fire; at once warming and welcoming. The subtle spices shine through when the temperatures outside drop, and the rich scent will linger on your skin all day long.

There’s Australian sandalwood and cedarwood propping up the base of this eau de parfum, with soft smoky notes drifting through the heart of the scent. And, to cap things off in aseasonal style, a sprinkling of springtime florals — including violet and iris — for an intriguing, intoxicating finish. 

Le Labo Santal 33 Eau de Parfum


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For a potent, piquant fragrance, Acqua di Parma's ‘Oud & Spice’ Eau de Parfum

‘Oud’ is perhaps the woodiest of woody scents. Native to Northeast India, its earthy aroma is extracted from the agarwood tree — also known as the eaglewood tree. Acqua di Parma, famed for its light, bright Mediterranean summer scents, has here harnessed the deep, rich ingredient and created one of our favourite autumnal aftershaves.

From the brand’s celebrated ‘Signatures of the Sun’ collection, the opulent Oud blends vibrantly with complementary spicy tones of cinnamon and cloves, to create a subtly piquant eau de parfum with unexpected top notes of pink pepper, raspberry and rose. 

Acqua di Parma ‘Oud & Spice’ Eau de Parfum


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