These are the 5 best cashmere jumpers for men

As the cool summer evenings set in, we've rounded up the softest, most luxurious cashmere jumpers to keep you warm...

Well, gents; that’s summer over for another year. Of course, we might be treated to a temperate September heatwave — but chances are our evenings are about to start sliding ever-so coolly into the chilly, crisp nights of autumn. And that means it’s away with the swim shorts and sunglasses for another year — and out with the jumpers.

But not any old jumpers. Cashmere jumpers. These supersoft bits of knitwear kit are a failsafe solution to cool summer evenings — and the woven material also happens to be one of the most sumptuous-feeling fabrics around. It’s warming, it’s elegant, it’s refined and it manages to mark out a gent as a man of infinite taste. So, with this in mind, we’ve curated a selection of the five best cashmere jumpers you should be pulling on this year…

Opt for a classic look with a crew neck

If you’re seeking a classic look for those cool summer evenings, a crew neck is just the thing: and Sunspel‘s Marble Melange offering is as stylish as they come. Pure cashmere, it was crafted in the Scottish Borders by a traditional knit specialist: so this one’s the real deal, gents.

Softness is the word of the day where this particular jumper is concerned, thanks to the gauge of the knit which leaves it with the softest handle imaginable. So while you’re the envy of everyone at your late August (or early September) barbecue, you can rest assured that while you’re the epitome of sleek, sophisticated style, you’re also reclining in replete comfort.

These are the 5 best cashmere jumpers for men

Sunspel Cashmere Crew Neck


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To do your bit for the planet, opt for 97% recycled cashmere

Have you been meaning to do your bit for climate change? Perhaps through joining a protest, giving up plastic or abandoning your car in favour of public transport? Well, opt for Asket‘s Cashmere Sweater, and you’d be one step closer to saving our long-suffering planet.

Why, you ask? Because it’s made of 97% recycled and mechanically dyed Cashmere — so, in the brand’s own words, it’s as soft on the planet as it is on your skin. And it is soft on your skin; mark our words. Asket have long been inextricably linked with impeccable luxury, and this sweater is no different. Knitted from 2-ply yarns and boasting ribbed cuffs, hem and neckline, it’s durable, comfortable and so suave it’s virtually debonair.

These are the 5 best cashmere jumpers for men

Asket Cashmere Sweater


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For ultimate comfort, opt for a cashmere cable knit

All cashmere is comfortable, by its very definition; but Luca Faloni‘s cashmere cable knit truly takes the comfort biscuit. Appearing in a camel beige hue, it hails from Bergamo in Northern Italy, knitted from 100% two ply pure cashmere — and that, in itself, hails from the renowned Cariaggi Fine Yarns Collection.

The result? A sharply fitted cashmere sweater with the last word in comfort and softness (unsurprising, really, given its weight of 300 gr.) Its textured pattern will cement your status as a gentleman of suave, elegant taste; and it’ll serve you well at both casual and smart events alike. A sweater of many talents, indeed.

For the perfect 'back to work' jumper, opt for a charcoal crew neck

You know what’s great about charcoal? It’s so usefully, handily multi-purpose. We don’t mean multi-purpose in the same way that a particular kitchen spray is multi-purpose, of course; we mean that it’ll look just as suave whether you’re in the office, at a barbecue or strolling into the bar of your choice.

And when it comes to charcoal cashmere jumpers, Turnbull & Asser — as usual — really know their stuff. This particular jumper is crafted from the very finest Scottish cashmere (meaning it’ll be as soft as one could hope for), and it’ll look just as suave when paired with a shirt for the office (making that post-summer return to work infinitely more bearable) or with a blazer for supremely stylish take on that ever-confusing ‘smart casual‘ dress code.

These are the 5 best cashmere jumpers for men

Turnbull & Asser Cashmere Jumper


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For the last word in tradition, opt for a Ralph Lauren cable knit

It would be heartily remiss of us to dedicate an article to cashmere jumpers without mentioning Ralph Lauren; and it would be a regrettable error indeed to call attention to Ralph Lauren’s cashmere credentials without shining a spotlight on their world-famous, hallmark cable-knit jumper.

As you’ll no doubt be aware, the cable knit was inspired by fisherman’s ropes — and it’s remained a notable beacon of the renowned brand for more than 50 years. Crafted from pure, unfiltered Italian cashmere, it’s as luxuriously soft as you’d naturally expect from such a cashmere paragon; and the hand linked seams guarantee a precise, refined fit — just the thing for the elegant gentleman we know you are.

These are the 5 best cashmere jumpers for men

Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Cashmere Jumper


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