Asket’s raw denim jacket is the timeless essential your wardrobe is missing

Sustainable and stylish, there’s nothing about it not to love

Autumn is just around the corner which means we’re mere days away from that most tricky of wardrobe periods: the seasonal transition. It’s too cold to wear just a T-shirt or shirt but start layering on jumpers and you’re immediately too hot. What this calls for is a lightweight jacket – and Asket has just the piece.

The latest addition to its collection, Asket’s Raw Denim Jacket is a classic trucker style rendered in the brand’s signature indigo ring-spun Japanese raw denim. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, this is not your average high street denim, however. Like all fabric used by Asket, it has been selected with longevity, traceability and environmental impact in mind which means, if you care for it, your jacket will last for decades and be far more sustainable than anything else currently on the market.

asket raw denim jacket

So what makes it so different? Well you’ll notice that, straight out of the box, your jacket is stiff, dry and needs to be broken in. Don’t be disheartened – as far as your wardrobe and your conscience go, this is a good thing. This tougher early state means that, unlike a normal jacket which may wear out, fade and become unusable over time, Asket’s Raw Denim Jacket simply gets better and better with wear and tear, moulding to your body and developing a unique shape that fits like a glove. It’s a long-term commitment – but one absolutely worth making.

Of course, Asket has also paid close attention to the finer details. The Raw Denim Jacket is fully lined with hidden side pockets, classic contrast stitching and hardware made from recycled metal. And, frankly, we would expect nothing less from one of the few garments a year that passes muster to be added to Asket’s Permanent Collection. Seasonless and here-to-say, it takes a lot of courage for a brand to say it will never stop selling an item – but, when it comes to the Raw Denim Jacket, we’re in full agreement.

asket denim jacket
asket raw denim jacket

So the only question that remains is what will you wear it with? Its deep indigo hue is incredibly versatile so, whether you decide to play it safe with chinos and a classic white T-shirt or be brazen in full double denim, we know Asket’s Raw Denim Jacket will become a treasured wardrobe staple you’ll turn to year after year.

Asket Raw Denim Jacket

Asket Raw Denim Jacket


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Meet the founders: August Bard Bringéus and Jakob Dworsky of Asket…

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