9 of the best tech purchases we’ve ever made

The technology that makes life worth living

Welcome to the 21st century. We might not all be wearing jetpacks to work yet, but the march of technological progress has brought countless enhancements to our everyday life. Here we’ve brought together the best tech purchases we’re never in danger of regretting. 

Truly the sleekest smart watch on the market, Samsung’s dedication to design and UI has made an effortless creation we’re always proud to wear on our wrist. Bluetooth-enabled with plenty of advanced features hiding behind a classic exterior.

While HTC and Oculus fight over the high-range VR hardware, Google won us over with a relaxed, shockingly comfortable headset befitting its Daydream label. Slip in your smartphone and dream your way into virtual reality.

While we wait for Acer’s monstrous (in a good way) curved-screen laptop to hit shelves later this year, their X34 desktop series still provides an immersive experience unlike any other. Befitting only the most hardened of computer veterans.

In a winning combination of modernity and retro styling, these mechanical computer keyboards use vintage-inspired key caps for an authentic typewriter feel. Perfect for writing that masterpiece – or just sending off emails in style.

Do we even need TV channels anymore? Google’s Chromecast dongle fits happily into your TV’s HDMI slot and can stream from hundreds of media apps with ease.

We’ve come a long way from the nightmarish alarm clocks of yesteryear – ditching migraine-inducing screams for a gentle, sunlit glow. Withing’s model wakes you up with a calm blue in the morning, and uses a fading red in the evening to mimic a setting sun.

The GJ office has been cooing over this next-generation notebook from Montblanc, which can read your handwritten notes and transfer them over to a smartphone or tablet with the click of a button. Who says technology can’t be personal?

The culmination of the ‘slow watch’ phenomenon, Cyclops forgoes hour, minute and second hands for a gorgeous arrangement of coloured circles. Time management never felt so indulgent.

Looking after our analogue watch pieces shouldn’t be a chore. These automatic winders do the work for you, and can be customised to include storage or a variety of nifty designs.

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