The VR headsets you should be investing in

If you've never tried VR, you're missing out

The world of virtual reality is still relatively new, but there’s no doubt that the future is here thanks to this clever gadget. VR has certainly granted the possibility to do so much more than totally immersive gaming, because in theory, you could do almost anything in VR. From exploring an alien world on the PS4, to watching VR movies on your smartphone, here’s a list of the headsets you need to invest your virtual reality experiences in…

Oculus Rift VR Headset

Thank Oculus for the current hysteria about VR PC gaming. Bought by Facebook for $2.3 billion in 2014 from its original founder Palmer Luckey, to experience the thrilling and nauseating VR headset, it simply plugs into your computer’s DVI and USB ports. Surprisingly, very consumer friendly. At £499, this one should deliver everything and more, right? It uses a 2160 x 1200 resolution, working at 233 million pixels per second, with a 90Hz refresh rate. It’s high-tech stuff.

Zeiss VR One Headset

With everyone readily engaged in their smartphones, Zeiss have exploited this with their lightweight and portable headset. Suitable for augmented reality apps (easily downloadable on your Android or iOS), your phone is in fact the visual interface – so if you want to watch Netflix in complete immersion, this is for you. The main advantage with this one is the attractive price, reading glasses compatibility, and overall practicality (no wires with its goggle-like design). Compatible with most 4.7″ to 5.5″ smartphones, including Apple iPhone 6/7 and iPhone 6/7 Plus.

Google Daydream View

Google have trail-blazed with this next generation headset. Not only claiming to be your personal cinema experience, the Google Daydream headset have incorporated Google Street View, Google Arts and Culture and even The Guardian to name a few, to offer the full VR experience. Doesn’t make sense? Well, remember Google brought you Google Maps, so let’s just say this VR headset could be the next thing in disruptive technology. The easy-to-use controller and headset has next-gen sensors to remove latency – because no one likes lagging. Compatible with Axon 7, Pixel, Moto Z, Mate 9 Pro (coming soon), ZenFone AR (coming soon).

HTC Vive VR Headset

If you’re an avid gamer and tech enthusiast, then HTC’s Vive has been crowned the best VR headset available on the market right now. SteamVR™ Tracking (for exceptional room-scale tracking), stunning graphics, a 110-degree field of view, intuitive controls and HD haptic feedback provide an unparalleled sense of immersion, for a healthy sum of £1,499. Pricing aside, this VR headset also brings the virtual multiplayer gaming world together with over a thousand games with regular releases, and powerful Google Earth VR. What’s more, the in-helmet camera can be used to see your space with the headset on – alleviating the risk of bumping into your furniture. A powerful gaming PC is required for this bad boy.

Sony Playstation VR Headset

Sony’s PS VR is designed to connect to a PlayStation 4 and reaffirms Sony’s dominance in today’s gaming world. For those who grew up playing the Nintendo or Sony’s first PlayStation, this futuristic looking VR headset brings a whole new dimension of gaming that will leave you green with envy. Why? Because who doesn’t dream of climbing into the virtual world of gaming and have a fully immersive gaming experience with 360-degree vision? Additionally, the headset boasts True 3D audio which will leave you in goosebumps, for the true VR transportation. The comfortable headset is secured via an adjustable band and works with over 50 Playstation VR games.

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