5 ways to guarantee a second date

Because scoring the second date is always harder than the first

Historically, scoring the first date has been seen as the most difficult part of the whole game. But when you actually think about it, the second date is harder. Sending someone a Tinder or text message asking for a date is easy. The tricky part is charming her into accepting a second, third, fourth date. Ensure you’re getting to where you need to be with these 5 easy rules:

1. Make a plan, and stick to it

5 ways to guarantee a second date

It’s simple, but a girl loves a gentleman who can make a plan – and actually stick to it. Being flakey and constantly at a loose end will make her think that you can’t actually hold much down and that the first date was more hassle then it was worth. Pick any place on neutral ground, make it easy for her to get there and she won’t resent having the journey halfway across the city to meet you. If she has to make a huge amount of effort the first time, she’ll probably not bother with the second.

2. Pick up the bill

5 ways to guarantee a second date
Marlon Brando and Katy Jurado

Contrary to what you assume a 21st feminist believes is right and wrong, we can guarantee you that 99% of women out there will hugely appreciate (if not expect) you to pick up the bill, particularly on the first date. The moment that you you make her go dutch or, God forbid, accept her polite gesture at offering to pay, is the moment you’ve lost any chance at a second date. Even if it’s more than you bargained for, make her feel that she’s worth it. And never, ever comment on what the bill came to…

3. Act interested - no matter what she's saying

5 ways to guarantee a second date
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If you want to be branded as chauvinistic and arrogant, talk about yourself all night and don’t ask her any questions about what she does or what she likes. If you want a second date, though, ask those essential questions, engage her in conversation and let her know that you’re actually interested in what she’s talking about. Talking about yourself all night is the quickest way for her to never want to see you again.

4. Ease off the intensity

5 ways to guarantee a second date

All girls love a gentleman who’s a little blasé; while he’s interested in her, he’s still making her work and that’s no bad thing. If you cave in straight away, telling her how perfect she is and asking her if she’s free tomorrow for a second date, she’s going to run a mile. Get the balance right; tell her she looks lovely, but let her do some of the work too, it will only play out in your favour and keep her on her toes – in the best possible way.

5. Actually ask her on a second date

5 ways to guarantee a second date

Most men fall short at this incredibly simple hurdle; they wait far too long to get in touch with her afterwards to tell her that they enjoyed her company. And then when they do get in touch a couple of weeks later, she assumes it’s as a courtesy and not that he actually wants a second date. Don’t text her the moment you’re home, leave it a day or two and if (and only if) you get the vibe that she enjoyed herself too, take the plunge and ask her out again.

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