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These are the 5 hobbies that women find most attractive

The science confirms it: there is absolutely no downside to taking up a hobby. Not only will it expand your social circle, improve your job performance and keep your work-life balance in check — it is also guaranteed to make you a far more interesting dinner date and attractive potential partner.

If you’re keen to try your hand at something new, then GJ are on hand to let you know where to be channelling your extra-curricular energy — according to what women really want.

Turning more pages

A well-read man is an age-old aphrodisiac. Taking the time to educate yourself on subjects you’d never heard of, cultures you’ve never lived amongst and stories that redefined society will never not be sexy.

Go to any date equipped with a favourite author, ready to speak with a genuine passion about the literature you love, and she’s bound to be impressed. If you don’t believe us, then just take a look at this Instagram account dedicated to admiring male readers (followed by over a million booklovers).

Getting green-fingered

We’re not suggesting you go Full Poldark with a scythe, but there is something deeply attractive about a man who directs his efforts into nurturing a garden — even if it’s little more than a plant box on a small City balcony.

It signals patience, commitment and an appreciation of beautiful things. It is also worth considering that a gentleman who knows his ovule from his stamen might prove himself to be at a serious romantic advantage.

Cooking up a storm

It’s 2018, and if you’re still holding on to any outdated notions of gender roles within a potential relationship, then you quite frankly don’t deserve to be in one.

There is no greater way to show your love for that special someone than by cooking up their favourite dish, and confidence in the kitchen is sure to send sparks flying. The way to any human heart is via their stomach, even if your signature dish is a bowl of pasta.

Holding a tune

Even the most fossilised rock star won’t have ever been single for long. Why? Bank balance aside, everyone loves the guy who has both the confidence and skill to command an audience (be it with a karaoke or stage microphone in his hands).

Taking up an instrument, or even investing in a few singing lessons can take your place on the charisma chart up several decibels. Plus, when it comes to that misinformed shot at an alcohol-fuelled romantic serenade, it’s good to know that you’ll be hitting all the right notes.

Joining the scrum

A study this year confirmed that the inclusion of sport in your Tinder bio can double your chances of receiving matches, and that male profiles which include a mention of rugby come out on top as the most popular with women.

Who are we to argue with science? Joining a sports team of any kind is a great way to keep your mind disciplined, your routine in place, and ensure that your physical condition is kept up to scratch.

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