The 4 style icons that nailed spring dressing

Take inspiration from the four gentlemen that make the transition look effortless

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We all know that dressing for Spring can be awkward. One moment it’s all blue skies, shades, and Aperol Spritz, then suddenly the drizzle and winds of winter have set back in. So where does this leave the fashionable gentleman and his wardrobe in this most temperamental of seasons?

To avoid sweating in your merino wool, or looking unseasonably summery (or shivery) in April, we’re here to lead you by example with some of these most stylish gentlemen. So, in the spirit of learning from the best, we look to four stellar gentlemen of the past and present who have championed spring dressing.

Marlon Brando

Gentleman's Journal, Spring, Icons, Menswear

Marlon Brando: a true Hollywood legend and a deeply roguish gentleman. Off-screen Brando was regularly spotted slinking around the mild weathered groves of Hollywood whilst ruling the dressed down look. A fan of flattering simplicity, favouring a well fitted white tee under a leather biker jacket, or a denser navy style jumper with no jacket at all. Whatever he wore, Brando was never caught looking bulky. He mastered the art of fitted layers and the gentlemen of today can take inspiration from his effortless style this spring.

Johnny Depp

The 4 style icons that nailed spring dressing

Not just a movie mega-star and a collector of beautiful women, Depp is also a style icon who has nailed the art of springtime dressing. Influenced from his time living in France, Depp has become a champion of the chic and subtle spring scarf and understands the beauty of thin layers and softer fabrics during this time of year. Whether its a lighter cotton waistcoat, a cravat, or a cotton shirt, Johnny Depp dresses seasonally on point- and you can also channel a bit of European adaptability this spring with these softer pieces.



Steve McQueen

Gentleman's Journal, Style, Icons, Spring, Menswear

The patriarch of the plimsole, Steve McQueen really was ahead of his time when it came to mixing a smart-casual look by adding a lighter shoe to an outfit. So in the spirit of McQueen himself, throw those heavy leather boots to the back of your wardrobe and slip into something lighter and brighter this season. Worn to balance out the heavier fabrics of your peacoat or darker jeans as it starts to get milder, you’ll bring your look right into spring. Also a fan of a lighter trouser, a slim fitting polo shirt, and the ever chic colour beige, there is a lot the gentlemen of today can take from McQueen to freshen up their look for spring.

Tom Hardy

Gentleman's Journal, Style, Spring, Menswear

Truly the Marlon Brando of the modern age, Tom Hardy has great confidence in his ability to dress as well as act. This spring, look to the Taboo actor for some ‘shirtspiration’ and follow his example by going for tartan shirts with lighter fabrics and colours to soften up your off-duty look as the weather turns. Paired with a navy bomber,  you’ll nail the transition to spring just like the method man himself.

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