10 times Steve McQueen proved he was the most stylish man in the world

"I live for myself, and answer to nobody" – Steve McQueen

The King of Cool; the most stylish man to walk the earth; the best dressed man in the world. McQueen has been named them all, and for very good reason. The 50s and 60s was the golden age of menswear; a time when men took risks and dressed without any rules and McQueen was no exception. Whether he was off-duty in jeans and a t-shirt or sharply dressed in a three-piece, he dressed any man out of the room. Consistently stylish and never, ever one to make excuses for being the most overdressed or underdressed man in the room, every gentleman the world over could learn a thing or two from him:

When he ate breakfast

Casual, calm and collected; even in his most candid moments, McQueen never strayed from being the most stylish gentleman in the room.

Before he got in the car

Even a during a quick drive, McQueen never let his style falter. Always with his trusty gloves and Persol glasses, he always made it work.

When he robbed a bank

It might have been for a film, but there’s no denying that McQueen looked insanely cool when he robbed a bank in the Thomas Crowne Affair.

On his commute

Face it, have you ever looked this cool on your way to work?

When he smokes

Smoking might not be cool anymore, but when McQueen did it, it definitely was. And this photo is proof.

When he wore all white

If there’s one guy who can pull off all-white, it’s McQueen. Achingly cool but without an inch of arrogance, he pulls this entire outfit off to a tee.

When he was shopping

Shopping can be boring, tedious and cause you to end up in a bit of a dishevelled mess. Not McQueen, though, who even when he was being fitted for a suit kept his trusty cigarette hanging out of his mouth and had a constant air of cool about him.

When he went to work

Pulling this off is no mean feat, but he’s nailed it. A three piece suit – check. A pocket watch – check. A slick tie – check. Imagine having the guts to pull this off at work? You can do it gentlemen, and you should.

When he rode his Triumph

His clothes might be limited here, but this photo is living proof that what made him so stylish was his general aura.

During a meeting

Again, this might have been a role for a film, but a gentleman can dream.

India Gladstone

India Gladstone

India is the Online Editor of Gentleman's Journal

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