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11 things you need to know about the Aston Martin DB11

How have Aston Martin turned it up to 11?

Launched in March this year as the company’s replacement for the iconic DB9, Aston Martin’s new DB11 manages to look fresh and striking whilst still exhibiting the ‘Golden Ratio’ that lies at the heart of every Aston’s design.

But what makes this 5.2 litre, twin turbo supercar so special? Here are the 10 things you have to know about the latest addition to this quintessentially British automotive family.

As well as the completely new aluminium-bonded platform, Aston Martin have also approached their iconic ‘Golden Ratio’ design from a different direction – for the first time since 2003. As a result, the bosses claim that everything on the DB11 is new, and nothing has been carried over from its wildly successful predecessor, the DB9.

When Aston Martin showcased their DBX concept – an all-wheel, all-electric GT crossover – in Geneva last year, there was much people didn’t like. However, the two large C-pillar buttresses that arched down from the roof and into the rear clearly struck a chord, as one can see echoes of that design in the DB11’s aero-engineered rear end.

One of the most notable design features on the DB11 is the Aeroblade. A small air intake directly behind the rear side windows, this system funnels air under the trunklid and up through the decklid to ensure the car sticks to the road. As a result, no lip spoilers – and overall sleeker lines.

Touted as one of the most customisable Aston Martins ever to be produced, the DB11 boasts everything from its roof panels to the new aluminium strakes in a variety of colours. The grille, vents, wipers and front splitter are offered in a choice of two different trims, and the 20 inch alloy wheels and brake callipers come in three different colours. And the paintwork? A choice of 35 exclusive Aston Martin colours.

As with the design of the exterior, Aston Martin have also chosen to overhaul the interior of the DB11. Gone are the dated upholstery and run-of-the-mill dashboard, replaced by elegant and sleek curves, deep seats and a 12-inch digital display behind the driver’s wheel. And, to finish, the large teardrop-shaped console is covered in a rich, quality leather.

Amongst the DB11’s host of modern technological features, both cylinder deactivation and stop-start technology serve to boost the supercar’s economy and cut emissions. It doesn’t turn it into a Prius, but every little helps.

The front grille – designed in the style of the iconic DB5 – sits afront the one-piece pressed bonnet. This seamless style feature, with clamshell design hinges and side strakes, means that shutlines are at a bare minimum, and the ‘Golden Ratio’ can take pride of graceful, flowing place.

Though not yet helmed by the superspy, the DB11 already has links to Bond. When Bridgestone, who created the tyres especially for the DB11, asked Aston Martin’s Marek Reichman what he wanted the code for the design to be, he answered in a typically suave way. “I said 007,” said Reichman. “It’s one of my favourite things.”

Not only has the DB11’s interior appropriated Mercedes’ classic rotary controller, Germany will soon get under the Aston’s bonnet as well. Future models of the DB11 are expected to use a smaller 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 designed in conjunction with Mercedes-AMG – bringing British style and German engineering crashing together – and turning it up to 11.

This is the first Aston Martin to benefit from the input of ex-Lotus ride and handling expert Matt Becker. As a result, the DB11 features adaptive damping and electric power steering – features that Becker believes will support the physical double wishbones and multi-link rear and make the DB11 not only one of the fastest, but the smoothest supercar on the road.

Not only can you choose from multiple interior trim colours – including six colour choices for your seatbelts alone – but Aston Martin have raised the detail game so far that each seat is now trimmed with ‘broguing’, such as that on a quality shoe. Not only that, but the DB11 also boasts ‘Nexus’ quilting and ‘Celestial’ perforation. And although we don’t know what that means, it sure sounds good.

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