10 things to watch on Netflix in April 2018

The most gentlemanly picks on the streaming service this month

With everything from giant killer sharks to musical comedy duos hitting the streaming service this April, we run down our ten best picks to turn to…

Lost in Space, April 13

It’s another reboot – but not as you know it. Given new pep, vigour and special effects by Netflix, this reimagining of the classic 1965 sci-fi series follows the Robinson family marooned among the stars. Set in the year 2046, the family have to battle a strange new alien environment and their own personal demons.

Life, April 1

Lost in Space not given you your space fix? If not, why not jump into this Ryan Reynolds-starring space thriller, where the International Space Station comes under attack from a rapidly-evolving life form. It’s claustrophobic, well-acted and a terrifying hypothetical about what may happen if martians aren’t as welcoming as we may like to think.

The Blues Brothers, April 1

For something a little lighter, how about this black-suited and sunglasses-wearing caper starring John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd. It romps along at a pace as foot-tapping as the painfully-catchy covers, and with veteran director John Landis at the helm, what could have been throwaway camp has become a cult classic.

Public Enemies, April 1

Who doesn’t want to watch a dapper Johnny Depp charm and endear most of 30s America with his exploits as a bank robber? Pitted against Christian Bale’s Melvin Pervis of the FBI, Depp’s John Dillinger becomes the USA’s first ever Public Enemy Number One, cementing his status as a legend among outlaws.

Suits: Season 7, Part 2

With the impending Royal Wedding, this’ll be your last chance to see Meghan Markle’s Rachel and Patrick J Adams’ Mike Ross share the screen with the inimitable Harvey Specter. After it looked like Harvey and Donna finally got together at the end of the first half of the season, will we see a new romance take over the departing main couple?

Greg Davies: You Magnificent Beast, April 10

10 things to watch on Netflix in April 2018

Greg Davies is a giant of both comedy and men. Standing at 6ft 8 inches, the comedian’s latest stand-up special was snatched up by Netflix. And, whilst it probably won’t do as well as fellow Brit Ricky Gervais’ much-trumpeted Humanity special in March, you’re guaranteed an hour of solid laughs.

Jaws, April 1

Dun-dun. Dun-dun. Dun-dun. Hear those two notes and you’ll soon know what film you’re watching. Spielberg’s mega-hit about a mega-shark, this tale of the plague of Amity Island sees Roy Scheider’s police chief team up with a grizzled ship captain and ichthyologist to capture the killer beast.

Money Monster, April 19

George Clooney is one of three powerhouse performances that elevate this film above what it should really be. The script is a little preachy, the story not hugely gripping and the set-up reasonably slow, but Clooney lifts the project with his trademark slickness, Julia Roberts makes us care as Clooney’s TV producer, and Jack O’Connell thrills as an everyman pushed to breaking point.

The Alienist, April 19

Starring Gentleman’s Journal cover star Daniel Bruhl, this new period drama is based on the novel of the same name by Caleb Carr. With ten episodes to binge your way through, this New York City-set thriller is centred around Bruhl’s criminal psychologist, investigating a series of gruesome murders.

American Psycho, April 4

If you’ve never seen American Psycho, drop what you’re doing and watch it right away. This masterful adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ twisted novel is just as mind-bending as the book itself, and sees Christian Bale turn in the performance of his career as Patrick Bateman, a man so on-the-edge he can be driven to murder over inferior business cards. Or can he?

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