The perfect bike for a summer adventure

Custom motorcycle culture has seen a marked increase over the past few years, with many individuals recreating the classic feel of what riding a bike really means. An entire movement has risen, quite dramatically, from the ashes of retro-coolness in a seismic shift that has propelled the lifestyle of our greatest motorcycling icons into the contemporary arena. Primary to this propagation is California based Iron & Resin, the aptly named Freedom Riders.


When Thom Hill and Jackson Chandler created Iron & Resin, they did so out of boredom for the mainstream, boredom for what large conglomerations were endlessly churning out. They wanted a company that would cater for individual needs, with many one offs, handmade and locally sourced products. Combining their love for surfing and motorcycling with a go-get-it attitude, Iron & Resin was born, and with it a brand that harks back to a simpler, more unrestrained time.


Much like Deus ex Machina, Iron & Resin have revolutionised the culture of custom bikes and beach lifestyle to radically bring about a post-modern movement of vintage proportions. What they do so adeptly is grasp the roots of custom culture and use it as a catalyst for a wide range of products, from clothing, tools and art, to coffee, kitchenware and books.


Like most young, freedom-searching companies that have blossomed around the custom scene, the reach of Iron & Resin is unfathomable, with retailers across the globe. From The United Arab Emirates to Austria, people everywhere want to feel the good vibrations of the Californian sunshine. Although inherently retro, Iron & Resin are still moving with the times through the production of endless videos, blogs and campaigns. What this does is make our envious juices flow and catch us staring into the world of fantasy.


This fantasy world is composed of riding a custom motorcycle from the beach to the forests, getting out into the vastness of raw nature and losing yourself. As our dear friend McQueen so aptly says, “I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on Earth.” Like our Californian brothers and our icons passed, I think we can all dig that.

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