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Yacht of the week: Alen 68

Collaborations are always a risk. Ideas and values clash in an encounter which produces a product that doesn’t quite work. However, we’ve found an exception. Built by the Alen Yacht firm with interiors and exteriors from the land architect Foster and Partners, the Alen 68 is faultless. With its effortless grave and sheer speed, the latest yacht from the St Tropez firm will punch you in the face with a gust of spray and fist of black Italian leather.

But, it’s not all speed and splash. With all the pleasures of a cruising yacht, this 20.32m day boat is one of the most beautiful yachts in the world, crafted from white onyx, bleached pine and an array of different leathers.

With an emphasis on maximising the yacht’s spacial utility, Foster & Partners have designed the interiors to increase her volume by 20%. This has allowed the inclusion of three state rooms, each boasting the finest fixtures, designed by the firms interior designers.

With a one or three state room configuration, the 68 has a maximum capacity of 16 people. Unusually for a craft of this magnitude, the furniture is not fitted to the hull and lies just off, allowing the slender contours of the onyx hull to flow beautifully. On the outside, the flexible design of the deck provides space for around 12 guests whilst the onboard bar, grill and teppanyaki hotplate will allow you dine in the finest of luxury.

Beneath deck though, the carapace of beauty and civility is ripped off. Built from a composite Airex core, the 68 is lighter and larger than most similar boats of her stature. When combined with the two V12 1500 engines, she produces a top speed of 45 knots with a range of 315nm. With state of the art navigation technology, the 68 is able to switch between a relaxed cruiser offshore to an aggressive, adrenalin filled cross-ocean vessel in a matter of seconds.

If the pace of things does get a little tedious than the onboard toy stash of jet ski’s, paddlleboards and sea bobs provide an easy way to pass the time. With such a focus on choice and ergonomic utility, it’s no wonder that we think the Alen 68 is the near perfect charter this summer.

From Alen Yacht


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