This is how women want you to dress

Women, despite what most men on the planet want to (or are led to) believe, are actually pretty simple. The way that a women wants you to dress is obviously totally subjective to her own personal style and tastes (and yes, yours too), so while the specifics may vary, one element rings true for all: she just wants you to dress well. And before you go thinking that a woman shouldn’t rule you/shouldn’t be the ball and chain/you shouldn’t have to dress to suit her etc., think about this – you wouldn’t want your girlfriend walking around in hideous clothes, would you?

So what do women want? The majority of us want the same, and that’s for our other half to walk around in smart, simple and up-to-date clothing. We won’t want you wearing clothes that have been in your wardrobe for the past 10 years and equally we don’t want you wearing anything garish or over the top. Doing what I do and being a woman, the first question I’m asked upon meeting a new male acquaintance is, “What do you think of my outfit?” So to save you the effort of asking me, should we ever meet, I’ve made things simple for you. Here are the golden rules of dressing to impress.

Keep patterns to a minimum

Stripes and the occasional pattern are great, and can look amazing on the right gentleman, but all too often said gentleman can get it very wrong. Whole outfits of pattern are an absolute no-go, no matter how ‘edgy’ you think you are. Keep your outfit simple and clean and if you want to add a pattern, add one. 


Neutral colours are a must

While we’re all for a pop of colour now and again, it’s essential that you make sure that the colours you wear do not clash in any way, shape or form. To be on the safe side, stick to one colour at a time and keep the rest neutral, gents.


Shoes are the first thing she notices

If you’re trying to make a good impression, you need to know that the shoes you choose to wear are a crucial part of your outfit. Avoid, at all costs, anything shiny, pointed or square and instead stick to these stylish silhouettes.


Bid farewell to skinny trousers

Excuse me if I offend anyone with what I’m about to say but I do not know one woman, anywhere in the world, who enjoys a man in skinny jeans. It’s a trend that has rather unfortunately stuck around for much longer than it deserves. Instead, find something more tailored, more flattering and far less tight.


Never forget the importance of accessories

You can be the best dressed man in the world, but if you’re whipping a velcro wallet out of your pocket on every date to pay for dinner, or carrying an awful rucksack into work everyday, the chance are that you’re going to put her off.


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