Wine for the weekend

Although you probably won’t be braving the cold and going out on the first weekend after the Christmas break, you’ll almost certainly enjoy a pleasant meal in the warmth of your home. If so, you should try and make sure you’ve got a great bottle of wine to go with it – here are some top choices of wine for the weekend.



TGJ – 94-2a

This fruity rosé is a real festival of flavours and will provide a great accompaniment to oriental and Mediterranean cuisine – though it’s also lovely on its own. Cloud Chaser is a delicious rosé that keeps us thinking of hot summer days on cold winter nights.

£19.95 from TheWhiskyExchange 



TGJ – 94-3a

This wholesome red is dry and spicy, providing a delightful antidote to the stodgy, fatty foods we too often find ourselves eating during the winter months. The Rhône wine region is perhaps unfairly underrepresented in the UK – this red is as good as any



TGJ – 94-4a

What makes Oyster Bay such a delightful and versatile wine is the way it provides notes that are both sharp – and citrus-filled – although it is also full bodied and rather creamy. This tasty chardonnay will go well with almost any fish dish and is especially lovely with seafood pastas.

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