Watches – Pinkman’s Timepiece

Cartier Rhonda - TGJ.01Co-star of possibly the largest series to hit our earth in the last year; Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) became famous for cooking crystal meth with partner Bryan Cranston (Walter White) across our television screens. The hard hitting series created a cult following, with 2013 Halloween costumes frequently featuring the yellow boiler suit and face mask donned by Pinkman and White’s outfits in the programme.

Now, the source of how Paul paid for his beautiful Cartier watch (pink gold Ronde Louis) is not one hundred percent clear, it is believed to have been a gift from AMC following his Best supporting actor EMMY award, although a small sample of White and Pinkman’s product would surely have covered the £9,500.00 price tag, but we’re sure that’s not the case!

Aaron Paul’s career has blossomed over the past twelve months and five series of Breaking Bad. He began the series as an on-screen drug addict, and has come out the other side smelling of roses as a household icon. Who would have guessed that mothers, daughters, teachers and doctors would be glued to a TV screen every Tuesday watching a drug addict and a physics teacher cook crystal meth? Fortunately for Paul, Breaking Bad is a hit, and so is his new look, no longer a greasy teenager, the real life Jesse Pinkman is quite dashing, with his Cartier the perfect understated accessory to his drug lord past!

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