How to tackle premature balding

It is the worry of all men and the common problem that has yet to be solved. I only hope that I can offer some serious and researched help for you, but if there was a magic trick, the world would know, and premature balding would not exist. I am no doctor, nor a surgeon, or even a researcher, but this is a collation of what we believe the best chances at tackling hair loss are.


Depressing, embarrassing and frustrating: all of the different emotions that men go through when they see the first signs of their hair fading, are heart wrenching. It can start as early as 20 years old and you begin to think your time on earth is slipping through your fingers. It is not. Hair loss does not mean you are old, nor ill, and it happens to half of men, globally, by the age of 50.

Contrary to popular belief, 98% of hair loss is due to genetics, rather than stress, or even wearing a hat. Currently, there are 35 million men in the USA alone suffering from it. Even Julius Caesar tried to disguise his baldness. The truth is that curing hair loss is completely understandable, but there is nothing more contemptible than trying to hide it. By that, I mean wigs. HRH The Duke of Cambridge has accepted his fate and we women love him all the more for it. Go bald gracefully, and if you aren’t proud of it, and would rather help your head, then you have equally come to the right place. Everyone deals with it differently.


Firstly, do not cause further damage by excessively using products and vigorously shampooing. You should know that shampoos that claim to be able to stop hair loss are advertising themselves falsely. Often containing parabens, sulfate, or even phthalates, ‘hair loss shampooing’ is not advised, nor is it effective. Styling what is there is not recommended because products can contain chemicals and that is the last thing your diabolical follicles need.

Rogaine is a serum that has mixed reviews, the majority of which, however, are positive. The only topical medication proven to help since the 80s, it exists as a solution, and has become readily available as a foam. The process takes four months to show, is mainly for the back of your head a patches, but do not lose heart. With the general online opinion that it really does stop hair loss, and stimulates growth, this could be a good choice. The risk you run, of course, is that your hair could react badly and this illustrates the point above perfectly.

Propecia is an oral medication that you can ask your doctor about. An easy prescription, it’s also particularly effective on the crown and back of your head. It is a very progressive treatment and will stop you losing more hair after a few months, but regrowth takes up to a year.

Laser therapy is a wise choice for a gentleman. Expensive but effective. The laser stimulates the capillaries on your scalp to increases the blood flow in them, encouraging regrowth.

Hair transplants will certainly give you more hair, but the look is not one that appeals more than being bald, in my view. The hair line is often very obvious and the transplant surgery takes a gruelling 9 hours. Then comes the aftercare and the tingling sensation that stings your scalp for weeks afterwards. That said, the hair will grow and look as though it is your own, six months on. Gentlemen, do not however, take a leaf out of Shane Warne’s book, or Wayne Rooney’s, at that.


The truth is, premature balding will be an issue and an insecurity that men will not get over until it can be easily fixed with a guaranteed outcome and great appearance. I will just say though, sincerely, that it is nothing to be ashamed of. You didn’t ask to be bald, lose your hair, and despair at the mirrors reflection. Balding happens naturally, to anyone, of any hair type and it is just slightly unfortunate. You will never be alone. Socially and medically there are sufferers. Gent’s lets give everyone a break. Men to men, heart to heart, it will get you all sooner or later…

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