The best summer suits under £300

As the sun comes out, the clothes get pared back. Men’s summer style is more often than not the epitome of simplicity, although that make’s formalwear a bit of an issue. Knotting up come both blistering and balmy climes can be uncomfortable at best, so changing your tailoring with the season is paramount.

That heavy wool, mohair and the tailoring just isn’t going to do the job when the mercury hits fevered heights. Try turning up to a meeting or event drenched in perspiration and see how that goes down. Just because the suns out, doesn’t mean style has to be thrown out the window.

This is the tailoring that will see you through the season, and not break the bank in the process.



Checks have been the biggest trend in tailoring over the last few years. This subtle all-over print over a heather grey anchor makes for a characterful addition to the formal side of the gentleman’s summer wardrobe.

Check Suit Blazer £107.99 // Check Suit Trousers £53.99



Renowned for their stylish suits at more than reasonable prices, SuitSupply are quickly becoming the go-to for formalwear on a budget. The linen suit is oft maligned for its crinkly creased nature, but done right and done well in a premium fabric like this you can’t go wrong.

Lazio Light Brown Plain Suit £299.00



The incredibly more stylish brother of H&M, COS take some beating when it comes to minimalist Scandi cool. Wool doesn’t have to be the preserve of the winter, a lightweight tropical wool is actually perfect for the summer, on par with linen and cotton. This textured piece, in seasonally appropriate wool, makes for a stylish addition to any suiting rotation.

Lightweight Wool Blazer £190.00 // Lightweight Wool Trousers £89.00



Light colours are seldom when it comes to winter, particularly on suits – the same can’t be said about the summer. Take the opportunity to add something fresh to your palette once the darker hues of winter are firmly packed away. The one-button fastening is a modern touch, and combined with the dusty light grey, this is an ideal suit for seeing out the summer social calendar.

Light Grey Skinny Fit Suit £160.00



The khaki suit is a bona fide spring and summer essential, a longstanding favourite among gentlemen for the warmer season for many a decade. The full cotton suit may have more casual leaning, but for a day in the sun it doesn’t get much crisper, cleaner or seasonally on point.

Slim Fit Suit Jacket In Poplin £60.00 // Slim Fit Suit Trousers In Poplin £25.00

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