How to get Savile Row style on a shoestring budget

Savile Row holds a special place in the hearts of all gentlemen. With such a storied heritage, it has long been the global leader in the finest men’s tailoring. While owning a suit from one of the street’s finest establishments will cost you a pretty penny, it’s possible to curate sartorial perfection without breaking the bank.


Ok, the Savile Row suit is the metaphorical Holy Grail of gentlemanly garments, but just because your wallet won’t stretch to one from the Mayfair street, doesn’t mean you can’t look great in an off-the-peg take. When considering your suit, simplicity and versatility are key. Try dark grey or navy – they look great for business and pleasure. Make sure it’s a slim-fit suit, as this has the air of a tailored hand, and remember, you can always have minor alterations made to make it more personal. A local seamstress or tailor will happily take something in, shorten the sleeves or higher the hem for a modest fee that’ll make your high street suit look a million bucks. The only alteration that can cause problems is on the shoulders, this is where your suit needs to be perfect straight off the rack; the seam should sit flat.


Now that you’ve got your suit, it’s imperative to find a selection of shirts to wear with it. Always, as a matter of style principle, purchase a white shirt, as they work for every occasion. Then you can have a bit of fun. Try a pink or pale blue for a touch of colour that remains both boardroom appropriate and versatile. Once you find a shirt you like purchase in bulk – again, alterations can easily be made to get that Savile Row worthy fit.


A meticulous search for the perfect accessories to accompany your suit is well worth the effort; the devil is the detail, gentlemen. The easiest and best way to fully develop your style is by purchasing a selection of pocket squares, some that are subtle, for business, and others that are flamboyant, for pleasure. 


The tie, not to be underestimated in its transformative powers. A perfect knot and a blade that corresponds and correlates with the lapels can do wonders for your overall appearance. Attention on the area below and around your neck is higher than you imagine, get it right and the compliments will flow; it seriously won’t go unnoticed.

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(Main image source: Harry Myers)

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