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30 July 2021

Charlie Bigham: “If everyone’s doing one thing, perhaps you should do the opposite…”

Charlie Bigham, Founder of Charlie Bigham's

Charlie Bigham is the founder of the gourmet food brand that bears his name — and the saviour of many a weekday dinner time. Known for his wholesome takes on British classics, Charlie’s eponymous company — which celebrates its quarter century this year — sells 80,000 meals every single week, and will likely hit £100 million pounds in sales this year alone But for Charlie, you sense that the finances are much less important than the food — and in a fascinating episode of the podcast, the founder tells us how a night on the Iran-Pakistan border provided his lightbulb moment; how the financial crisis of 2007 nearly scuppered the business; why he resents his food being called ‘posh’; and what happened when a noted food critic tasted his lasagne…

This episode has been recorded at Mark's Club, read by Joseph Bullmore and produced by Martin Lumsden.

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