The modern motorcycles we wish we owned

If you don’t own a motorcycle – you should. The multitude of reasons are seemingly endless, but the greatest of them all has to be the unparalleled freedom felt whilst onboard the machine. When I first got on a motorcycle, I was 12 years old – its was a rusty old 50cc Kriedler Florett on my aunt’s farm, and I was hooked from the very moment I kicked it into gear. Most bikers will be able to recall their first experience – the profound effect it has on you really does last forever. So, if that’s not a reason to start motorcycling, I don’t know what is. Now, when it comes to purchasing a motorcycle, the choice is enormous – scrambler, chopper, cafe racer, tourer… the list goes on. However, the bikes we truly want are not always the ones we get. So from one biker to all potential new comers, here are a few of the best new bikes out there that even I want.

2016 BMW R nine T Scrambler

Since the popularity of the brat-style custom motorcycle has flooded almost every city in the world, manufacturers have started jumping on the trend by building their own brat-styled mass-production bikes. Although a little sad, what this does mean is that you can buy a vintage-inspired, highly engineered modern motorcycle that will perform impeccably. The R nine T became a massive success last year, and in response to Ducati’s Scrambler, BMW are releasing their own variation – The R nine T Scrambler. A whopping 1200cc engine producing 110hp with insane torque. It’s guaranteed to be a great ride, and you should seriously consider getting yourself one.

BMW R nine T Scrambler The Gentleman's Journal

Price TBC. Visit

2016 Ducati 959 Panigale

Not for the faint-hearted, the Ducati Panigale is one of the most recognisable superbikes on the market. Unlike its 1299 brother, which happens to be an insatiable track-munching beast, the 959 is being released as a super-mid range bike, suitable for more comfortable, everyday riding. Without getting into the geeky facts, it’s safe to say this is one seriously impressive bike – but be warned, if you’re just starting out and value your life, steer clear, there’s nothing tame about this model.

Ducati Panigal 959 The Genteman's Journal

Prices start at £13,095. Visit for more details.

2016 Triumph Thruxton R

A brand making a huge amount of noise at the moment is Triumph. With the recent unveiling of the all-new Bonneville collection, British motorcycle heritage and modern performance seamlessly merge together. At the top of the range lies the Thruxton R, a whopping 1200cc cafe racer behemoth that causes more excitement than David Cameron on a pig farm. For the modern gent looking for unequivocal British motoring prowess, this is the motorcycle for you.

Triumph Thruxton R The Gentleman's Journal

Price TBC. Visit for more details.

Hugh Francis Anderson

Hugh Francis Anderson

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